How To Find The Best Parting For Your Face Shape

how-to-find-the-best-parting-for-your-face-shapeFinding the perfect parting for your face shape can make or break a hairstyle and highlight your best features in a way that no contour palette ever could. Today we’re breaking down each one to fill you in on the best way to slim down your cheekbones, hide an angular chin and make your eyes pop. Who knows, maybe this is the life changing hair hack you’ve been searching for?...


The best parting: Middle

Why? Your face shape is widest at the cheeks so you want a parting that will slim down your features giving you the illusion of a slightly longer face. A centre part will do exactly this by elongating your face and skimming over your cheeks. Long, sleek hair is great too as this will help to draw down your features even more.


The best parting: Side

Why? You have an angular face shape with lots of definition so the goal for you is to soften your features and add some fullness to your cheeks. A side parting will work really well for you as it softens a strong jawline and adds width to your face making it look rounder. Avoid going too deep with your parting though as this can draw more attention to angular lines.



The best parting: Deep side

Why? Your cheeks are the widest part of your face and your chin is the slimmest so the goal is to balance this out by adding some volume around your jawline while skimming over the middle. A deep side parting is perfect as it distracts from your chin and slims down the cheekbones evening out your face shape and drawing the attention back up to your eyes.



The best parting: Middle or Deep side

Why? Your face shape has more length than width so the goal is to give you the illusion of fuller cheekbones, making your face appear shorter and rounder. A middle parting will help you to place the volume in the right place, evenly on both sides to balance out your shape. Curls are a good shout too for bulking up your locks. You can also opt for a deep side part which is an easy way to make your hair look fuller and if you have shorter layers will help to accentuate your cheekbones too.



The best parting: Any

Why? Congratulations, you’ve won the genetic lottery and can wear your hair in any part you like. An oval face shape is flattered by any parting because you have even features that don’t need balancing out. Just make sure to consider your hair texture and cut when deciding though and think about what will highlight your best features.

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