How To Get A Salon-Style Bouncy Blow Dry At Home

How to get a salon blowdry at home

Wishing you could get that perfect salon blow-dry at home? Well wish no more, Milk + Blush Babes. If you’ve ever gone to the salon for a blow-dry, then you know the amazing, powerful feeling caused by the amount of bounce, volume and shine in your hair.

We’re here to show you how to get that amazing blow dry - all by yourself. It’s really simple if you use the right hair tools, you just gotta know how! 

1. Preparation

Preparing your hair the right way will help make styling much easier, plus your hair will be way more cooperative, too. Investing in a good volumising shampoo and conditioner will help you achieve thicker, voluminous locks. Heat protection is a must-have if you’re working with heated styling tools. You can also use a styling cream to eliminate frizz and reduce blow-drying time with the help of a blow-dry spray.

2. Heating tools

We would recommend using a nozzle when you blow-dry your hair because it quickens the drying time and helps to achieve a perfectly smooth finish. When it comes to finding a hairdryer, you'd want to select one with a multi heat setting. Medium heat is best for pre-drying your hair because it saves you a lot of time, while high heat manipulates the shape of your hairstyle. Remember, there is also a cold setting which is designed to help set a hairstyle and give a beautiful shine to the hair. Check out our blog post on The Best Hair Dryer Setting for your Hair Type.

If fussing with a hairdryer isn't your bag, we have an alternative that we think you might love. Let us introduce you to the Cloud Nine O Pod heated rollers and heating pod. The Cloud Nine O Pod heats up your rollers in just 4 seconds and promises to create fabulous volume in minutes. We love using rollers in 60mm and 50mm to help create that perfect, bouncy blow-dry look.

3. Hairbrush

A round brush is essential in creating those voluminous, salon-worthy waves. Remember to choose a brush that suits your hair length. Larger barrel brushes are best for long hair while a smaller barrel can curl and create waves in short locks.

If you have opted to use rollers, once you have taken them out, take a loop brush and gently brush through your hair from the ends up. Be sure to follow the wave of your hair when you are brushing to help separate your tresses - this will help your hair appear much more voluminous.

4. Staying power

To finish your salon blow dry, all that’s left to do is to mist some Tigi Catwalk Session Series Work It Hairspray over your locks. We love this hairspray as it is super fine that provides a moveable hold so your hair can still move freely without being weighed down. Plus, it resists humid and fights the frizz for a super sleek finish. Prepare for salon hair at your fingertips, gals!

Now you've got the tools, it's time for the step-by-step technique.

Step 1

Blow-dry the hair against the direction it lays. This will encourage the root to stand up straight, rather than fall directly against the scalp.

Step 2

Separate the hair into several sections using the barrel brush. As you finish blow-drying each section, take a hair clip and secure the curled hair in a roll to cool, this will help set the style.

Step 3

Gently brush through your waves using a soft loop brush or your fingertips for an airy and voluminous wavy hairstyle. This should leave you with big, bouncy kinks. Finish with a sprinkle of hairspray to keep your blow-dried locks in place.