How To Get Meghan Markle's Royal Wedding Hair


Has there been an event more highly anticipated than the latest royal wedding? We were completely glued to the TV on Saturday watching this real life fairy tale unfold and were completely in awe of the beautiful Meghan Markle. Keeping the spirit of the royal wedding alive we’re bringing you our take on Meghan’s bridal hair which you can achieve yourself using your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions.

During the lead up to the big day Markle fans were speculating what her dress would look like, what makeup look she would go for and how she would wear her hair. In real Meghan Markle fashion she stayed true to her own style and wore a new, more elegant spin on her signature messy bun created by celebrity hairstylist, Serge Normant, which we were completely in love with!

As you know, the veil covered most of the beautiful bride’s hair so we’ve worked with what we could see and created a look that’s just as gorgeous as the real thing. So whether you want to wear a similar look for your wedding day or you just want to add a little Markle vibe to your hair this is the tutorial for you.


What you’ll need

Your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions (I’ve used the Quad Weft Set in the length 16-18” in the shade Slayer which has been toned slightly)

A comb

A hair elastic

Bobby pins

Flexible hold hairspray

  • Start by using your comb to part your hair in the middle making it as straight and as neat as you can

  • Part your hair a few inches above the nape of your neck, backcomb the root slightly and clip in a 3-clip weft

  • Part your hair again just above this weft, backcomb the roots and clip in another 3-clip weft

  • Then part your hair above your ears, backcomb the root again and clip in a 4-clip weft

  • For a little lift backcomb a few sections of hair at your crown, set with hairspray and smooth down to neaten it up

  • Tuck your hair behind your ears and loosen it slightly for a softer appearance

  • Tie all of your hair into a ponytail at the back of your head

  • Take a 1 inch curling wand and curl the hair in the ponytail away from your face. Wait for the curls to cool then brush them out

  • Take a section of hair on one side, twist it loosely and pin it with bobby pins to the back of your head, this will create the messy updo

  • Repeat this with all of the hair until you’re happy with the shape you’ve created

  • Set the hairstyle with hairspray and you’re done!

Meghan-Markle-Royal-Wedding-Bride-Hairstyle-Milk-and-Blush-Hair-ExtensionsWe are obsessed with this bridal hairstyle and love that Meghan Markle stayed true to her chic, signature style. If you recreate this look be sure to share a pic on Instagram and tag @milkandblush, we would love to see your royal hair creations!

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