How to Make a Peppermint & Avocado Hair Mask

How to make a peppermint & avocado hair maskTransform your drab locks into fabulousness, and achieve celebrity-status hair with our peppermint & avocado hair mask.

Proven to replenish dry hair and moisturise tired tresses, we promise that this magical hair mask will put the vamp back into your hairstyles and allow you to shine this fall. What’s more, it’s really simple to make, so there’s no excuses for stepping out of the limelight during the coming winter months.

To make a peppermint & avocado hair mask, all you need is:
- One avocado
- Two tablespoons of peppermint leaves

How to:
Scoop the avocado out of its skin, into a bowl and remove the stone. Then mash the avocado before emptying two tablespoons of peppermint leaves into the same bowl and giving it a mix. Once the avocado and peppermint have formed a green delight, apply the hair mask onto your locks and leave on for 30 minutes, before rinsing away. You should be left with healthy, looking locks, fit for the red carpet!

You may be asking what are the benefits of an amalgamation of avocado and peppermint? Well there are plenty! The peppermint helps to balance the scalp’s acid mantle by removing excess oil, to leave super-sexy, glossy locks behind that even Nicole Scherzinger would be proud of! It’s also a helpful ingredient for girls longing for long locks, as it encourages hair growth. Plus the minty aroma works wonders for stress relief, making this hair mask perfect to apply for an evening of relaxation.

On the other hand, the avocado acts as a raw conditioner which gets to work on repairing dry, damaged hair. The fruit’s natural oils, protein and vitamins help to lock in moisture to achieve that glamorous, glossy shine that we all succumb to.

As we dream of looking like the stars, we’re in no doubt that hair masks, like this peppermint & avocado one, are one of the key components in our beauty regimes lately,. Not only do they achieve the celebrity hairstyles we all dream of, their pampering connotative make us feel that extra bit special!

How do you like to transform your locks and give them that starry-eyed glow?