How To Match Your Hairstyle To Your Party Outfit


Hands up if you leave your hair ‘til the last minute when you’re getting ready? Or just go for the same look every time? If this sounds like you then you’re definitely not doing your outfits justice! Matching your hairstyle to your party look can make such a big difference and it’s exactly what celebrities do for the red carpet so that they look perfect every time. If this sounds dreamy then keep scrolling for some quick tips that will make matching your hairstyle to your party outfit really easy!


Think about the neckline

One of the most important things to think about is the neckline of your dress or top. Where it sits will make a big difference to what kind of hairstyles will work best for your look. If your outfit has a really high neck or lots of embellishment on the neckline or shoulders then you definitely want to wear your hair up or pushed back to elongate your frame. A lower neckline or off the shoulder outfit looks amazing with your hair down though and won’t shrink your neckline either.


What’s the vibe of your look?

You really want to match your hairstyle to the vibe of your outfit so if you’re wearing something girly then your hair needs to be the same. A pink dress like Lily Collins’ goes really well with this soft updo because they’re both super feminine. If you’re going for something tougher or more tailored then think about trying a sleek or more polished hairstyle instead that will work with the cut of your outfit.


Is your outfit textured?

Sometimes really textured fabrics like sequins or faux fur work way better with sleek styles whereas silks or smooth fabrics work better with textured braids or waves. You want to balance out the textures in your outfit so that you’re not overloading it with too much. Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala look is a classic example and her super sleek half up, half down style works really well with the embellished dress because it’s so busy.


If you’re wearing earrings...

If you’ve bought a killer pair of earrings then you definitely want to go for an updo or a half up half down to avoid them getting lost in your hair. A really high bun or pony is perfect for balancing out statement earrings and will help to accentuate your cheekbones and elongate your neckline. If wearing your hair up is a no go then try some Hollywood waves instead that are pushed over to one side so that you can still see your earrings but can keep your hair down.


If you’re wearing a necklace...

There are so many different styles of necklaces but the most important thing to remember is that you want to accentuate your neck rather than hide it. Too much hair and a big necklace will shorten your neckline so you definitely want to wear your hair up or pushed back if it’s a statement piece. If you’re going for a choker then definitely wear your hair up but if it’s a long or a layered necklace then soft waves will work really well just like Jessica Chastain’s.


Does it work with your makeup?

Makeup 100% counts as part of your outfit so you need to make sure that what you go for works with your hair too. Overloading on both will make you look like an extra in Toddlers & Tiaras so you definitely want to get it right! A super smokey or heavy makeup look is best with a looser or more relaxed hairstyle whereas a super sleek or polished hairstyle is better with more natural or classic makeup looks like a cat eye and a nude lip. Hailee Steinfeld is a perfect example with these loose waves that help to soften the green eye makeup so that it’s not too harsh or overpowering.

We hope you found this post useful and that you’re feeling a lot more prepared with your party looks for Christmas and New Year’s! These tips are really quick and easy but can make such a difference to your finished party outfit. If you need any tips or advice you can always get in touch with us on instagram @milkandblush and we’ll help you with any party hair related questions.