How to Style your Bangs

How to Style your BangsWith bangs, it’s all too easy to get stuck in a styling rut and wear them the same way every day, without ever straying too far from your signature, tried-and-trusted fringe look. Sound familiar? Well, we don’t want to alarm you, but with party season fast approaching, it’s high time to experiment with some more exciting bang-styling options! Step right up and we’ll tell you how to give your faithful fringe a makeover with our top tips on how to style your bangs!

Straight bangs

Yes, yes, we know that straight bangs are the easiest and most obvious fringe-styling option in the book, but we thought we’d offer up our tips on how to style your bangs straight anyhow!

How to Style your BangsTo get Taylor Swift’s glossy, full-fat fringe, we suggest enlisting the help of a Velcro roller - we like to use The O Pod Rollers, as they’re perfect for giving your fringe just the right amount of bounce. Begin by spraying damp bangs with a thickening spray, such as the Tigi Bed Head Queen For A Day Thickening Spray, then blow-dry your bangs backwards and forwards with a hairdryer in order to avoid ending up with any sticky-outy-bits of hair with minds of their own. When almost dry, gather your fringe together and set it in your Velcro roller. Blast your rolled-up bangs with the hairdryer once more until they’re totally dry, then mist them with hairspray. All done? Then remove the roller from your locks and press your fringe down slightly. Voilà - gorgeously thick-looking, straight bangs!

Side-swept bangs

Romantic and girly, side-swept bangs are a cinch to recreate, plus they suit pretty much everyone! Team yours with tousled tresses like Krysten Ritter’s for a cute evening look.

How to Style your BangsTo get side-swept bangs, begin by washing your hair and then parting it on the side. Next, sweep your damp bangs over to one side using a comb, and pin them into place using two or three bobby pins, making sure that your outermost bangs have been curled up and under on themselves (not only will the pins help to coax your fringe into a longer-lasting side-swept style, but they’ll also create a bit of extra shape too). Give your pinned-up tresses a blast with a hairdryer to hurry along the drying process, then remove the bobby pins and rearrange your new, side-swept bangs as desired. Finish up with a spritz of hairspray to keep your bangs from wandering back to their natural, straight position!

Braided bangs

Had your bangs for a while? Want to rediscover what you looked like before you had them cut in? Then braiding your bangs will whip them up and off your face in a jiffy!

How to Style your BangsIf you want to style your bangs into a pretty, beachy braid like Lauren Conrad’s, it’s best to begin with second-day hair, which will have more braid-friendly grip to it. First of all, create a side parting (we think this looks best when positioned just above the arch of your eyebrow). Then, begin to braid your fringe working sideways, picking up extra bits of hair from along your hairline on your way. When your plait is long enough, secure it just behind your ear with a couple of bobby pins and finish with a dose of hairspray. This braided fringe looks great with both up and down-dos, so how you style the rest of your hair is up to you!

Mini pompadour

Liberate your forehead and give your ‘do a bit of added volume by transforming your fringe into a mini pompadour like Rachel McAdams.

How to Style your BangsTo try out this miniature take on the pompadour hairstyle, begin by separating your bangs into several horizontal sections, then tease each section layer by layer with a backcombing brush to build up a nice, puffy base for your pompadour. Next, brush your bangs backwards, gather the ends together and roll them underneath your new, quiffed-up style. Fasten the ends in place with some bobby pins, mist your pompadour with hairspray, and there you have it! Rock up your look by teaming your pompadour with a ponytail, or keep the style ultra-feminine with loose waves.

With these tips on how to style your bangs, you can practice a whole array of new fringe-based looks just in time for the holidays! Do you have any of your own tips on how to style your bangs?