Royal Crown Braid Hair Tutorial

The royal crown braid is certainly a style fit for a princess or a queen and what hairstyle would be more fitting for the Diamond Jubilee festivities over the weekend? This braid incorporates tips from our previous tutorials for the Milk Maid Braid and French Braid but also includes a few new tricks! This style is perfect for summer as it keeps all your hair away from your face, even if you have a bang/fringe this can be tucked into the braid!


Step One

If you’re using your hair extensions for added volume, I would advise fitting these upside down and personally I think your Quad Weft and just one 3 clip weft would be enough for this style. Fit these roughly around ear height before you start.

Step Two

To create the royal crown braid you need to use an inside out french braiding technique...don’t worry about this as it isn't as tricky as it may sound and gives a gorgeous look as the braid will appear more prominent! I find starting above the ear easiest as you can see what you are creating! Section your hair from ear to ear as it will be the front section you will be braiding first.

Step Three

To create the inside out braid look all you need to do is pass the hair underneath the previous section whereas you would normally position this over the top! So using the same technique from the French Braid tutorial simply incorporate some of loose hair with each section and angle the braid around the front of your hairline.

Step Four

Once you have incorporated all the front section of hair you need to continue the royal crown braid around your head. You should have enough hair to continue using the sections from the front. This can be a little tricky to see how your braid is looking so using a mirror behind and one in front can really help you see what you're doing!!

Step Five

Once all your hair has been french braided you should have a complete ring of braided locks all the way around your head. If you have loads of hair left you have two can either keep braiding this and wrap this inside of the crown braid you have already created or you can secure your braid at the join and use the ends of your hair to smooth out the section of hair inside your braid.



This royal crown braid hairstyle looks stunning and super girly for any of your Summer occasions...why not braid in a ribbon, add in a daisy chain or, especially for the Jubilee, some red, white, and blue bows!! :) We’d love to know if you attempt this hairstyle....add some pics to our Facebook page so we can take a look. :)