The Hairstyles That Always Get Us Compliments

As awkward as we are at taking them there’s nothing nicer than getting a compliment on your hair to give you a confidence boost. Saying that, there are definitely some hairstyles that get way more attention than others. This is why we thought it would be cute to ask the babes in the office about their go-to hairstyle that gets them the most compliments. We figured they’d be the best people to ask seeing as they’re surrounded by so much hair inspiration and they did not disappoint with their answers...

Rhian’s Most Complimented Hairstyle: Chopstick Curls

“I love the big, voluminous chopstick curls for events or going out with my boyfriend. I don't have time to do it everyday, so if I know I have an event to go to or a dinner date then I'll bring out my curlers and spend hours getting it right. These curls are total showstoppers and I love how they elevate my look without me having to try too hard. They are great for second day hair too! I just put a really good serum through them and they’re good as new”

How To Get The Look...

To create Rhian’s go-to hairstyle you’ll need to pick up some chopstick curlers, our favourite is the Lee Stafford Original Chopstick Styler and it’s super affordable! Next clip in your M+B hair extensions as normal and prep your hair with a heat protectant. You’ll need to work in small, even sections to create the curls and it’s best to work from the nape of your neck up to the top of your head. Once you’re done spray your hair with hairspray and leave it to cool for 20 minutes. When all your hair is cool you can then start breaking up the curls with your fingers to add more texture. To finish the look use some serum to smooth down any flyaways and you’re good to go.

If you love the sound of this hairstyle we’ve got a full tutorial right here that’s super easy to follow.

Esme’s Most Complimented Hairstyle: Low Pony or Bun

“My go-to hairstyle for a night with friends or out to eat is often a low pony or bun as it's so easy to do whether your hair is freshly washed or on its second or third day. It's so quick but is pretty striking and people often comment on how good it looks. It looks really put together and gives off Scandi vibes”

How To Get The Look...

To create this look start by prepping your hair with a heat protectant and then clip in your M+B hair extensions as normal. As you’re clipping them in straighten each weft along with your natural hair before moving onto the next one for a super sleek finish. Once you’re done you can then use a comb to smooth your hair back into a low pony before securing it in place with a bungee elastic. Next take some hairspray and a toothbrush and smooth down any flyaways for a sleek and perfected finish. If you want to leave your hair in a pony simply take a small section of hair from underneath and wrap it around the elastic to cover it before pinning it in place. Alternatively, for a low bun just twist your hair into a knot and bobby pin it in place before finishing the look with a dust of hairspray.

Christy’s Most Complimented Hairstyle: M+B Waves

“I love loose, brushed out waves and since learning how to achieve this look in the studio it’s become my go-to. It really helps to make my hair look super shiny and healthy and I always get asked how to do it. I’d also recommend using some shine spray to polish off the look, it makes your hair look insane in pictures”

How To Get The Look...

Start by clipping in your M+B hair extensions as normal and then curl your hair in sections from the nape of your neck up. We love the T-3 Whirl Trio Wand for this and we always prep the hair using the GHD Heat Protect Spray. Once all your hair is curled spray it with hairspray and leave it to cool for 10-20 minutes. Next take a loop brush and gently brush out the curls from the ends up to your roots to create the loose waves. Keep brushing until your hair is super smooth before setting everything in place with some hairspray. You can then complete the look with a dust of shine spray.

Rachel’s Most Complimented Hairstyle: Space Buns

“Space buns are my absolute go to for a festival or a night out as they’re a super cute look and are really easy to maintain. I always use my extensions to give it that extra bit of volume so that they’re really full. This look gets loads of compliments especially when I style them with a glitter parting”

How To Get The Look...

Start by splitting your hair straight down the middle into two sections. Next create two bunches on either side of your head where you want your space buns to sit. Secure these in place with hair elastics and then clip one of your M+B 3-clip wefts around each pony. Once you’re done gently backcomb the hair on one side and twist it into a bun. You can then secure this with some bobby pins and repeat it on the other side. To complete the look use some hairspray and a toothbrush to smooth down any flyaways before dusting the whole look with hairspray.

What do you guys think of these looks? They’re our absolute favourites and we’ll definitely be referring back to this post for some inspiration. If you loved hearing our thoughts on these then you should definitely check out our new series Tried & Tested. We’re putting some of the most hyped products to the test to see if they’re really worth it and so far we’ve had some insane results! Just click here to see the posts.