How Much Shampoo & Hair Product Should I Use?

It seems like we all know exactly how much makeup to apply (hopefully...) but when it comes to haircare we’re getting a little stumped. This wouldn’t be so much of a big deal if it wasn’t for the fact that being over generous means we have to spend more money. Or, that by saturating our hair we could be causing dandruff and making it look super greasy. Scary, right? But let’s not get over dramatic. Sticking to these recommended amounts can save you from all this and also make your products way more effective. So if this sounds good, then keep scrolling and get bookmarking...



The ideal amount of shampoo you should be using is around the size of a walnut. This should be plenty to cover your hair and remove any product build up or excess oil. Just make sure to concentrate it at your roots, especially if you have dry ends, so that you can avoid stripping them of moisture.



For conditioner we would say about double the size of the amount of shampoo you needed to use, so the size of two walnuts. If your hair is really dry or long then you can add some more but just make sure to keep it concentrated on the lengths and ends. Applying it to your roots can cause dandruff and weigh down your hair so you definitely want to avoid it.


Dry Shampoo

As a general rule it’s one burst for every 4 inches of hair so if you part your hair to apply it then it’ll be one burst for every section. Make sure to hold the bottle at least 30 cm away to avoid any white patches and really work it into your roots once you’re done.



There’s no set amount for hairspray you just need to keep dusting your hair until you get your desired hold. It’s super important not to hold the can too close to your head though or you’ll get a shiny, crunchy circle of product. Instead hold the can at least 30 cm away and keep moving it to get the most even coverage.


Heat Protectant

This will totally depend on the length and thickness of your hair as you need to make sure your strands are completely covered if you want to avoid heat damage. For thermal sprays lightly dust each section of your hair and if you’re using a balm or serum then about the size of a grain of rice should be enough for each section. Once you’re done make sure to comb the product through and let it sink in before you start styling. If your hair’s still damp when you start using heat tools it can damage your strands so it’s important not to skip this step.


Serums and Hair Oil

A pea size amount of serum is enough to coat your ends without it looking too greasy. You can always build up with more but it’s important not to use too much as you’ll really weigh down your strands.



To create some extra volume in your hair an egg size amount of mouse will give you just the right amount of lift. Make sure to concentrate this at your roots and comb it through the ends for a little extra texture.



The most important thing with hair masks is to make sure that you apply it in sections so that you evenly coat all your hair. A clementine size amount of product should be enough to coat all of your hair but you’ll need to use small amounts at a time if you want the best coverage.


Salt Spray

With salt spray it’s super important not to use too much as it can really dry out your strands. Instead dust it over your hair and keep working it in until you get your desired effect. You might also want to use a moisturising mask or leave in conditioner afterwards to replenish the moisture.

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