Valentine's Day Hairstyles

Valentine's Day Hairstyles

As the romantic day of the year vast approaches, it’s time to starting thinking about those Valentine’s Day hairstyles.

Whether you’re loved-up or flying solo, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse for donning your finest lingerie sets and playing dress up with beauty products, regardless if you have someone special in your life or not. So to put us in the mood for an evening of flirtation or a night out with our fellow single ladies, we like to romance with one of the following hairstyles first. From tumbling curls to sophisticated updos, here’s our pick of the most romantic Valentine’s Day hairstyles to impress your crush with this Friday.

Sexy Hair

Valentine's Day Hairstyles

If it’s one thing we’ve learned about boys, it's that they love a sexy yet feminine hairstyle, and anything too drastic can have them planning their nearest escape rather than running into the heart of your arms! So to ensure that it is the latter, take inspiration from Nicole Scherzinger and opt for a sexy Valentine’s Day hairstyle like a voluminous blow dry this Valentine's Day. To challenge the hairstyle yourself, start by roughly blow drying your hair until it is 90% dry. Then, section your hair into manageable pieces and start blow drying from the bottom upwards, using a large round brush. Remember to hold the hair dryer directly above and pointed down onto the hair for a smooth, lustrous finish.

Soft Curls

Valentine's Day Hairstyles

Soft curls are equally flirtatious as a supermodel-inspired blow dry. Not only that, they look effortless, too, making them a perfect Valentine’s Day hairstyle for a casual date. To create these super girly and natural curls, all you need is a good curling tong to create your set of soft curls and a mist of hairspray to hold them in place and you’re good to go!

Sophisticated Updo

Valentine's Day hairstyles

Alternatively, why not woo your crush with a sophisticated updo? A classic chignon or an elegant bun make the perfect Valentine’s Day hairstyles and are a great way of showing off your grown-up side and still look romantic! Take inspiration from the beautiful Emma Watson, with her chic low buns and sleek side partings - seriously, we promise that you won’t go amiss this Valentine’s. Just remember to keep it soft and relaxed, as a tightly pinned updo or a big, show-stopping quiff might scare your true crush away. (FYI we love these hairstyles any other time of the year!).

Faux Bob

Valentine's Day Hairstyles

Our final Valentine’s Day hairstyle proposal is the faux bob. This nonchalantly hairstyle is a great way of emulating the crop haircut, without having to say goodbye to our long locks. Plus, it looks super elegant and enchanting on a first date! Inspired by Taylor Swift’s hair, to get the faux bob, work a volumising spray through the roots and lengths of your hair, then create bouncy curls using the Session Instant Heat Tong. Next, tie the ends of your hair with a hair elastic and roll your hair underneath the elastic before tucking it in at the nape of the neck to create the illusion of bob. Mist your newly faux bob with a spritz of hairspray for a Valentine’s Day hairstyle that will last the entire date.

And there you have it- a whole collection of Valentine’s Day hairstyles to choose from for this Friday. Which one will you be flirting with this Valentine’s?