Vintage Hairstyles - Victory Rolls Tutorial

Betty-Grable-HairVintage hairstyles are growing in popularity! With the continued success of TV shows such as Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire, vintage hair styles from all era’s are having a revival and new variations on the popular styles are emerging.

Dita Von Teese is a veteran in these vintage hairstyles, but more and more celebs are giving this look a try. A vintage hair style that has been seen on many celebs is the 40’s classic victory rolls. We love this style at Dirty Looks as we think it’s a great alternative to simply wearing your hair down … and with very little effort you can look like a vintage icon!!
Nicole Scherzinger was seen sporting top reverse rolls for her appearance on X Factor UK late last year and more recently Rihanna has been seen performing with side reverse rolls. This vintage hair style is so iconic to the 40’s that it’s great to see a new take on the style.

Nicole-Scherzinger-Hair-Rihanna-HairVictory rolls are possibly one of the most recognised looks of the 40's with woman usually opting for one roll to the side (side reverse roll) or two rolls with one on each side (top reverse rolls) with a pompadour fringe/bang. Both of these styles are easy to re-create and look fab when worn with both hair down and updo’s.

Step One

Decide which style of victory roll you want to do - both suit all face shapes and can really transform a look! Once you have decided on the position of your rolls, part your hair … central is usually best for top reverse rolls and to the side is best for side reverse rolls!


Step Two

Section your hair and tie back all of your hair that you will not be rolling. Remember that the length of your hair can change the size of the roll so bear this in mind when you section it.

Step Three – Side Roll

Hold the hair at full length away from the head. Start rolling the hair around 2 fingers towards the back of your head.

Step Three – Top Roll

Hold the hair at full length away from the head. Start rolling the hair around 2 fingers towards the ceiling.

Step Four

Once you have completely rolled the hair, pin in place and gently remove your fingers. Be sure not to pull the hair from the centre of the roll.

Step Five

Complete all the above actions for the other side if you wish. Style your hair to match the era with large rollers or tongs or go for a large bun or high pony tail.

A great way at cheating for this look is to use a single weft of your clip in hair extensions! Don’t fit the extensions to your hair but roll them in your hand. These can then simply be pinned into the correct position in your hair, just remember to put the clip against your head to hide your secret!!