10 Signs It’s Time To Get A New Set Of Hair Extensions

10 signs it's time to get a new set of hair extensions

We know the time always comes, you've given them all the love in the world, cared for them as though they were your first born, they've even chaperoned you on many a first date. But sadly, there comes a time when you have to say a little prayer and lay your weave to rest. It’s not all sad though, as you’re ready for a brand new set of hair extensions and it’s not goodbye forever to your old extensions.

We all push our extensions to the limit and try and get the best out of them but sometimes, enough is enough. Here’s 10 signs you need to let go of your old set and get ready to greet another...

1. You’re extensions are starting to break off and look as split as your own hair. Put.the.straigteners.down.

split ends

2. They’re frizzy! They never used to be like this!? We’ll say to ourselves in our mind a year or so down the line after endless straightening/curling/mounds of products.

frizzy hair

3. You hardly ever have to re-curl them, as there’s so much product in your extensions they pretty much don’t move when you have styled them.

Barbie hair

4. You have mounds of hairspray at the top of your weft from too much hairspray from back combing. Guilty!


5. You’ve worn them so much your wefts are feeling flimsy. Do you love them so much that you have been sleeping in them??

R I P hair

6. They just don’t have that silky soft feeling anymore!

time for new extensions

7. You’ve stopped taking good care of them -  ‘Well, they’re ruined anyway!’ We’re waggling our finger at you!!

FML Hair

8. You admit they are ruined.

funny dog hair extensions

9. You’re finding it difficult to come to terms with the fact that you need a new set of hair extensions.

Need new extensions

10. You’ve become emotionally attached to them.

We love our hair extensions

But don’t be sad, you don’t have to say goodbye forever. From creating messy buns, hair rats, braids and hair bows to using them to perform strand tests. Your old hair extensions will still be in your life one way or another.

Don’t forget, once your new extensions are in your life you’ll soon get over your old ones anyway. Just think of them lovely, silky, fresh new extensions that your first fell in love with. You’ll be in that new relationship phase again, and we all know the beginning of a relationship is always the best part, don't we?!

So, are you ready for a new set of hair extensions?