5 Gym Hair Hacks You Need To Know


It’s officially time to get back to reality after the holidays and the first stop for most of us is 100% the gym. After taking the longest break we’re actually pretty excited to get back into working out but being M+B we’re also totally thinking about our hair. We have a lot of gym hair hacks that we love to use but as it’s the first month of the year we thought we’d ease you guys in with our 5 favourites.


Gym Hair Hack 1: Dry Shampoo… DUH!

We’re guessing that you’re already using dry shampoo at the gym as it’s the absolute best and quickest way to freshen up your roots. If you’re not applying it before you workout though then you definitely should as it will help to absorb all the sweat and oil before it makes your hair greasy. That way your hair will look way fresher afterwards and will be a lot easier to work with.


Gym Hair Hack 2: Blow Dry

If you’re working up a sweat but definitely don’t have time to wash your hair then the quickest way to save it is with a cold blow dry. This will help to prevent the buildup of bacteria by cooling down your scalp so that your locks will smell good even though you’ve just worked out. All you need to do is pop the hairdryer onto the cold setting and blast your roots until your hair is dry and feels cool. If you need to you can touch up your hairline with a little dry shampoo afterwards too.

This hack might sound really gross, especially if you always wash your hair post workout but  it can actually be a really good thing. Sweat is full of salt which is the best natural texturizer ever (think fresh out of the sea vibes) so if your locks are quite fine then it could actually help to add loads of volume.


Gym Hair Hack 3: Prep Your Hair

If you’re heading out straight after the gym then it’s a good shout to style your hair before so that you can save time after your workout. Our favourite look for this is some soft waves which you can create using your hair straighteners. They’ll help to add loads of volume to your hair which is good for avoiding limp locks and the style also has great staying power. Once you’re done styling you can then tie your hair up in a pony or bun using an invisibobble so that you avoid any kinks. After your workout just let it down and freshen it up with some dry shampoo, you’re good to go!


Gym Hair Hack 4Use The Right Accessories

If you want to preserve your hairstyle while working out then you’ll need to go for hair ties that won’t leave any kinks. We love invisibobbles and scrunchies for this and they’re way less damaging to your hair than normal hair ties. Traditional hair elastics can put loads of tension on your hair which causes damage while you work out so they’re definitely worth avoiding.


Gym Hair Hack 5: Find Your Go-To Gym Hairstyle

If your plan for 2019 is to workout way more often then you’re going to need to get some go-to gym hairstyles down. There are so many cute looks but our faves are the half up half down top knot, the bobby pin stack, bubble pony and halo braid. We’ve created a quick tutorial of each of these looks at the end of the video below so if you want to create them at home just press the play button.

And that’s it for our favourite gym hair hacks! We hope you found them useful and that they’ll help you to totally slay at the gym this month.