5 Hat Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Bonfire Night


If you love fireworks as much as we do then we’re guessing you have plans for tomorrow night. Even though Bonfire Night comes way too quickly after Halloween we’ll take any excuse to try out a new hairstyle and wear our hair extensions. To get you in the spirit we've found some chic hat hairstyles that are perfect for a night under the stars.



The Look: Beret With Textured Waves

How To: This look is so timeless and perfect if you’ve got really long hair extensions. You'll need to use a medium to large barrel curling wand to create the waves like the Cloud 9 Waving Wand. You'll also want to work in uneven sections while alternating the direction of the curls each time. To finish the look we'd add some texturising spray too so that the hair isn't too polished and has loads of volume and body.



The Look: Baker Boy With A Braided Bun

How To: This one looks way more complicated than it is and is great if you don't have much time to style your hair. You just need to pull all of your hair back into a loose low ponytail and braid it before securing it at the end with an elastic. You can then roll it up and pin it in place using some bobby pins.



The Look: Fedora With Twisted Braids

How To: To make an impact with your braids we recommend clipping in the two clips wefts from your Milk + Blush hair extensions set to add extra thickness and length. You'll need to split your hair into two sections and clip the wefts in the middle of both sections to ensure they're concealed. Once you're done you can then secure your hair in bunches using a hair elastic at the nape of your neck. To create the twists you'll need to place another elastic around two inches down from the first, split the hair in the middle in half and loop the end of your ponytail through. You can then take a small piece of hair and wrap it around the elastic to hide it. You can then repeat the process all the way down to the ends of your hair.


The Look: Beanie Hat With A Classic Blowdry

How To: You seriously can't go wrong with a classic blowdry and it's the easiest way to make your hair look insanely glossy and healthy. To create the look at home you'll need to use a round brush and work in small sections making sure to concentrate the air down your hair shaft to smooth the cuticle. We'd also recommend using the Cloud 9 Magical Quick Dry Potion to speed up the process and to protect your hair from the heat.



The Look: Bakerboy Hat With A Low Ponytail

How To: This look is really quick and easy, you literally just need to pull your hair back into a low ponytail and leave out some face framing pieces. If you have more time the look would be really pretty with curled hair and it'll help to add some extra volume to your ponytail.