Cloud 9 Magical Quick Dry Potion Product Review


Here at M+B we’re pretty obsessed with hair care so it figures that as a team we try out a lot of new products. To make us feel better about our groaning bathroom cabinets we thought it would be cool to share some of the things we’ve found as part of a new series. We’re calling it Tried & Tested and the plan is to give you honest reviews of some of the weirdest and most hyped products out there.

Last month Cloud 9 sent us a few goodies to try out including their Curling Wand, Wave Wand and Magical Quick Dry Potion. Obviously we love a curling wand here at M+B but the thought of a product that could cut our blow drying time in half was way too exciting to handle. After fighting over the bottles, two of our office babes put the potion to the test, here’s what they thought…



What is it?

This is a lightweight spray that coats your strands to provide extreme heat protection while promising to reduce drying time by 50%. It also contains anti-frizz and anti-static properties to give you a smoother finish that will leave your hair feeling soft and shiny.

How much does it cost?


How do you use it?

You need to shake the bottle until it’s completely blue and then spray it onto your wet hair before heat styling. You want to make sure your hair is completely coated, so don’t hold back and then use a comb to make sure it’s evenly distributed.


What Sadia thought…

As I have long, thick hair that takes ages to dry I’m always on the lookout for new products that may help cut down the time I spend blow drying my hair. So when I heard about the Cloud 9 Magical Quick Dry Potion, I leapt at the chance to give it a go.

After washing my hair as normal, I shook the bottle as instructed and sprayed onto my damp hair. I then proceeded to blow dry it as I normally would. Although I didn’t see any difference in the time it took to dry my hair I did notice that my hair felt silkier and had even more volume than usual (yaaas!). This product may not help your hair dry any quicker but it will definitely leave it feeling healthy, silky smooth and smelling divine!

Score 7/10



What Sioned Thought…

I really loved the scent, I think it smells really good and that was a major plus for me. I definitely think it helped to speed up my blow dry time too while keeping my hair completely frizz free. I noticed that it added some extra texture as well so that my blowout had more volume, which is perfect if you have fine hair! Another great thing I noticed was that my blowout lasted a lot longer than usual so I could push the gap between hair washes.

Score 9/10


Going to try out the Magical Quick Dry Potion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, we always love hearing what you guys think! If you loved this one then make sure to check out our reviews of the Olaplex No.3 and Coco & Eve Mask which are seriously trending right now.