5 Of The Best Chic & Cute Airport Hairstyles

How do these glam girls do it? Looking chic at the airport is the epitome of cool but for most of us, it’s pretty unattainable. If you’re more likely to stroll through the gate with a messy bun, track pants and a neck pillow then this is going to be the post for you. Nailing your airport hairstyle is the key to looking good when you get off the plane which is exactly why we’ve made a list of our faves just in time for the holidays.

Super High Pony

A super sleek pony is one of the longest-lasting hairstyles, especially if you keep the top super sleek and the ponytail textured. You can also use your hair extensions for this look if you need to add a little extra length and volume.

How To: Start by splitting your hair into two sections, one on the top of your head and one on the bottom. You then want to pull the top section into a high pony, drawing a line up to your crown from your cheekbones to find the best placement. Once you’re done you can then use a brush to pull the bottom section up to the top ponytail. Next, secure the hair in place using a bungee elastic. You can then curl your ponytail to add some extra texture and finish off the look by using a toothbrush and some hairspray to smooth down any flyaways. Once you’re done take a small section of hair and wrap it around the base of your ponytail before securing it in place with bobby pins.

Super Sleek

This is such a chic look for the airport and one of the quickest hairstyles on the list which is perfect if you have an early start.

How To: Start with wet hair and blow-dry it using a paddle brush to get a sleek finish. You then want to use the nozzle on your hairdryer to concentrate the airflow down your hair shaft, this will help to smooth the cuticle and reduce frizz. Once your hair is dry, go over it with your hair straighteners to smooth out any kinks before using a hair serum to add loads of shine.

Loose Waves

If your hair is a little more unruly then it’s best to work with it and go for these textured waves. It also requires less upkeep, so if you’re not into touching up your hair then this is a great one to go for.

How To: Start by tying your hair in two, low bunches on either side of your head using an elastic. You want to curl both of them going away from your face in small sections. Once you’re done allow both of the bunches to cool before taking out the hair elastics. You can then brush through the curls using a tangle teaser to create some soft waves. Finish your look with a dust of hairspray and you’re done!

Half Up, Half Down

You can go for this hairstyle no matter what your hair length or texture is and it’s so simple and easy. We’d recommend using a scrunchie or invisibobble though as it’s way more gentle on your locks than a hair elastic.

How To: Start by taking a section of hair at the crown of your head, leaving out some face-framing pieces before brushing it up into a pony. Secure your pony with a scrunchie before pulling on the hair to add some extra texture. You can then loosely curl your hair to add some more volume before finishing with a dust of texturising spray.

Sleek Low Bun

If you really want to keep your hair out of the way while looking totally chic and put together then this will be the perfect hairstyle for you.

How To: To start this look use your hair straighteners to iron out any kinks in your hair before using a serum to smooth over any flyaways. You then want to brush your hair back into a low pony, making sure to get your hair as smooth as possible. Once you’re done, twist your ponytail up into a bun and secure it in place with some bobby pins.

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