Hair Extension Mistakes To Avoid This Summer

We’ve been counting down the days until summer since… well, last summer. There’s nothing a holiday can’t fix and it’s our fave time of year to switch up our look and try something new. That being said the warmer weather can wreak havoc on your extensions if you’re not careful and there are a few simple mistakes that we see people making again and again. These might not sound like much but they could totally destroy your hair extensions so they’re definitely worth knowing...

Don’t Swim In Them

This might be obvious as we don’t recommend getting your hair extensions wet but it’s also because chlorine and salt water can destroy your extensions. As the hair doesn’t get the same supply of oils that your own hair does, getting them wet can strip them of some much needed moisture. Salt water and chlorine are really drying so it’s not worth the risk. We’d also recommend protecting your natural hair too by applying some leave in conditioner to the lengths and ends before taking a dip in the pool.



Don’t Try And Lighten Them

We get that in the summer it’s nice to go lighter with your hair colour but we wouldn’t recommend trying this out on your extensions. As the hair has already been through a chemical process bleaching them could damage your set and cause breakage. Even things like sun sprays that promise to lift your colour in the heat are a no-go as they could totally frazzle your extensions. It’s a way better shout to pick up a slightly lighter set for the summer so that you can switch between your darker and lighter sets as the weather changes.

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Don’t Use Salt Spray

A gritty salt spray is amazing at adding loads of texture to your hair but it’ll also zap all the moisture out too. This is why we wouldn’t recommend applying it to your hair extensions and instead using a texturising spray that’s way less drying. Our fave is the Color WOW Style on Steroids Performance Enhancing Texture Spray which adds loads of grit without leaving your hair stiff or sticky. _


Don’t Throw Them In Your Suitcase

Throwing your hair extensions into your suitcase is only going to damage them so it’s super important that you make the most of your M+B box. Every time your clip out your set you want to brush through the hair, roll them up in their hair net and pop them back in the box. This will help to keep them silky smooth and tangle free and you can use the side compartment to house your holiday hair essentials. _ _

Don’t Wear Them To The Gym

Yes getting your summer body (whatever that means!) is important to a lot of us but the last thing you want to do is work out in your hair extensions. As we don’t recommend washing them getting your set sweaty at the gym isn’t the best idea. Instead we’d go for some easy gym hairstyles and wait until your natural hair is clean before clipping them in. Now that you know these hair extension mistakes we hope you’ll avoid frying your set this summer! If you liked this one we’ve recently written a post on prepping your hair for the summer that’s full of really useful tips. Need some more advice? Drop us a DM on insta and will help you with your biggest hair concerns @milkandblush :)