7 Hair Styling Lessons We’ve Learnt From Love Island


Yes, you guessed it we’re totally justifying our Love Island obsession by saying we’re watching it for the hair tips. So we’re basically working while watching? Best excuse ever. But seriously, what better place to get holiday hair advice than from a group of girls who are permanently in the sun? Here’s what we’ve learnt so far....


Lesson 1 : We Need GHDs

GHD are sponsoring the villa this year and providing the cast with an army of hot tools including their new Platinum Styler, Soft Curl Hair Tong and Creative Wand. They’re the safest way to heat style your hair as they have sensors that keep the heat even across the plates as well as a wishbone hinge that ensures your hair is held in the right place.


Lesson 2 :  It’s All About The Blowdry

When Megan stole Laura’s guy she was more concerned with not being able to borrow her hair brush than hurting her feelings. "'I always used her brush to blow-dry my hair, now what am I gonna do?” The brush in question is the Mark Hill Perfect Blow Dry brush and it’s in the shape of a doughnut which ensures that the heat is evenly distributed throughout your hair. This cuts your drying time in half and causes less damage while smoothing out your strands for a frizz free finish. It’s the perfect brush for creating super bouncy waves like Megan’s and it isn’t expensive either. Sold.


Lesson 3 : Go Supersonic

Everyone in the villa uses the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer which is celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin’s go to hair tool. After 4 years of research this is the best and probably most expensive hair dryer available but it’s also the quickest and least damaging. If it’s good enough for Dani’s eyelashes then it’s good enough for us right?


Lesson 4 : You Don’t Need To Spend A Bomb

Superdrug are sponsoring the island again this year and supplying the gals with loads of hair styling products we can actually afford. When she's not stirring up the drama, Megan uses Superdrug’s Natural Hold Hairspray to set her waves. It’s a mere £1.49 and is enriched with pro-vitamin B5 which helps to stimulate hair growth.


Lesson 5 :  Work With The Humidity

Hot weather can kill a good hair day quicker than anything else and all that humidity is a breeding ground for frizz. Laura’s corkscrew curls are the ultimate way to work with it rather than against it and add lots of volume and texture that will last for days. To create the look she used curling small sections at a time using the Lee Stafford Original Chopstick Styler.


Lesson 6 :  We Need A Wet Brush

Dani Dyer’s go to hair tool is a must for anyone with fine or damaged hair that’s prone to breakage. The Wet Brush has IntelliFlex® bristles that are really thin and flexible which makes them gentle enough to brush your wet hair without causing any damage. It also stimulates your scalp to boost hair growth while taming frizz and flyaways, dreamy.


Lesson 7 :  Keep It Kink Free

All the girls in the villa are totally obsessed with Invisibobbles and use them to tie their hair back without causing damage. The telephone cord shape doesn’t pull or snag on your hair and won’t leave any kinks either. It’s also completely waterproof and perfect for dipping in the pool.

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