9 Signs You Need A Haircut…

There are so many rules about how often we should go to the hairdressers. From 6-8 weeks to 3 months and everything in between it’s hard to know what’s right for our tresses. Going to the salon doesn’t always mean a drastic change though and it’s better to get regular trims than to let your hair get unruly. To keep your locks looking their best we’ve put together these 9 signs that will tell you exactly when it’s time for a haircut...

1. If your ends dry faster than the rest of your hair

If after a shower you notice that your ends are dry before you’ve even picked up the hair dryer it could be a sign that it’s severely damaged. When cuticles are damaged they become a lot more porous and can’t retain moisture which is why they dry so much quicker than the rest of your hair.

2. Your hair is always tangled

Damaged hair gets tangled really easily so if you find you’re constantly having to brush it or it’s getting super knotty then that’s why. If you have mid to long length hair this will be more of an issue as you don’t want to end up losing length so it’s worth cutting off the damage now before it’s too late.

3. If your hair tapers

Ideally your hair should be the same thickness from root to tip so if you find the end of your pony is super wispy then it’s definitely time for a cut. Normally you can see a line where your hair will start to get thinner so ideally you want to cut to that point and then keep on top of trims to maintain it.

4. It won’t hold a style

If your hair falls flat half an hour after curling it then it might be because it’s super damaged and in need of some TLC. Split ends are impossible to control and using heat will only make the problem worse. If you straighten or curl your hair a lot make sure to get regular trims and always use a heat protectant to minimise the risk of damage.

5. Your naturally curly hair is now straight

For curly hair types regular cuts will help to keep your hair looking super bouncy and fresh. Sometimes if your hair gets dry your curls won’t be as tight so it’s worth going for a trim every 3 months to preserve them and make styling way easier too.

6. You Have split ends

A split end will keep on splitting up the hair shaft and you’ll have to cut off inches to fix it if you don’t get regular trims. For fine or damage prone hair add a repairing mask into your weekly routine too and dust your ends regularly to keep on top of splits.

7. If your cut has lost its shape

For bangs, pixie cuts or layered hairstyles you need to schedule a haircut every 4-6 weeks to maintain the cut and shape of your style. This is especially true for blunt cuts that will start to soften the longer you leave it in between visits.

8. It looks dull

Sometimes your hair can start to look really dull if it’s super damaged and you’ll notice a difference in how shiny the hair is at your roots compared to your ends. If this is you then it’s best to start with a haircut to remove the fried ends and use a deep conditioning mask once a week to nourish your hair and prevent further damage.

9. You’re obsessed with the messy bun

If you’re always wearing your hair up then it’s probably because you’re hating your style or are trying to hide damage. To freshen up your look and for a boost of confidence it’s worth getting a haircut and trying something new.