Airplane Haircare: 4 Top Tips to Flight-Proof Your Mane

This year, we’re catching flights, not feelings. Whether you’re setting off on your next city adventure, or you’re ready to lounge out by the poolside, it is important to look after your tresses on your travels. 

When you’re 36,000 feet in the air it is not uncommon to experience dry skin and hair due to the lack of moisture in the plane cabin. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), when flying, air humidity can drop down to just 20%, when back on the ground we’re used to 30%!

Without moisture in the air, your hair can quickly appear dull and lack lustre, resulting in pesky split and brittle ends. - it’s a no from us. But, fear not! Before you board that plane, we’re here to fill you in on EYNTK about caring for your hair up in the air.


Feeling vacay ready? Finish your holiday prep by nourishing your lengths and ends with your favourite nourishing products. Coating your tresses with a hydrating hair treatment will give your locks some protection against the drying elements of the cabin. 

Around a quarter of the weight of your hair is made up of water, so it is important to preserve this as much as possible if you’re lusting for lush locks strutting into arrivals.

Avoid Stress

Sachay through the airport stress-free by setting your alarms early and having your suitcase packed and ready to go in advance. Not only does this keep the travel worries at bay, but reducing anxiety can help your hair look and feel fresher for longer. 

With stress we release the hormone cortisol, which then increases your oil production, leaving your tresses looking greasy and flat. Plus, the oilier your hair is the more you will need to wash it leading to drier tresses in the long run. Oh, the joys!

Avoid High-Tension Hairstyles

When it’s 5am and you’ve just peeled yourself out of bed for your airport transfer, it’s easy to mindlessly throw your hair into a quick high pony or sleek bun, but this is likely to be doing more damage than good…

Tight hairstyles can cause breakage around the front of your hair, so we suggest sticking to looser styles like woven braids and messy buns. Secure with a silk or satin scrunchie to finish off your look and keep your tresses healthy. If you’re a curly gorl or have more textured hair, we recommend popping on a silk bonnet to shield your mane from any friction from the headrest.


We all know the feeling… you’ve landed at your destination after a super long flight and the first thing that you want to do is rinse away the dirt and grime from your travels. But, before you hop in the shower, it is important to replenish the moisture lost in your tresses by applying a deep-conditioning hair mask. This will help to add the shine and softness back to your mane, so you can feel as good as you look for your holiday.

After washing, (for that extra je ne sais quoi) coat your locks with some well-deserved hair oil. Applying that extra bit of moisture will leave you with an effortlessly glossy, salon finish - no glam squad required!