Best Hair Extensions for Healthy Hair

With hairdressers beginning to reopen their doors, most of us are longing to change our styles whilst maintaining healthy hair.

Whilst permanent methods of hair extensions can look gorgeous and seem like a preferable option, they are not a long-term solution to longer, thicker hair. Unfortunately, there will come a time when you will have to give the permanent extensions a break to let your hair follicles ‘breathe’ and get your hair back in good-health to grow naturally. 

Dodgy blending and glue damaged hair is not so hot. If you are reluctant to return to your permanent extensions and are looking for a more versatile, low-maintenance alternative; we have gathered top reasons why clip-in extensions are the best option for healthy hair. 

How Clip-in Hair Extensions are Better for Healthy Hair than Permanent Extension Methods

Clip-in hair extensions are the perfect solution to temporary longer, thicker locks whilst maintaining healthy hair. They are the safest and quickest method to obtaining a hairstyle glow-up with the least commitment compared to alternative techniques. 


Clip-in hair extensions take less than 10 minutes to apply and require no heat, glue or chemicals to apply or remove. If you feel a tugging sensation on your scalp, you can easily remove and re-place the hair more comfortably. Permanent extensions will require your hairstylist to remove any snagging hair or slipped bonds.

Clip-in extensions do not affect your lifestyle. You can quickly remove them to carry out everyday activities; exercising, swimming, even sleeping can all be restricted by permanent extensions.

Clip-in extensions will not tangle the roots of your hair or cause irritation to your scalp. To avoid any damage possible, always ensure you wear the correct weight of hair extensions for your hair type; the finer your hair, the less grams of hair you will need and vice-versa.

Hair Growth

If you are looking to promote the healthy growth of your natural hair, clip-ins are the perfect method of extensions for you. They are easily applied and removed from your natural hair, without the help of your hairdresser.

Permanent hair extension methods can cause painful tension on the follicles of your hair. In extreme circumstances, this tension can lead to traction alopecia; hair loss that is caused when pressure is constantly placed on the roots of your hair.

If you are trying to avoid split-ends but still want to style your hair for occasions, clip-in extensions are a perfect addition to your glam-routine. You are able to style your hair so that the extensions will take the majority of the heat from your stylers, giving your natural hair a break from heated tools. 

Healthy Hair

One of the most damaging aspects of hair extensions is the application method. If you are looking to get permanent extensions, always ensure you are seeking a qualified extensionist; if your stylist is inexperienced or lacking in technique, the application can cause irreversible damage to your scalp and hair follicle.

Hair extensions are often straighter in texture than your natural hair. You may find yourself wanting to heat-style your hair more frequently to match the texture of your permanent extensions to ensure they are seamlessly blended. 


A premium set of human hair extensions can last anywhere up to 12 months if stored and cared for correctly; you are also able to apply and remove these at home.
Watch our guide to caring for your clip-in extensions.

As they are more regularly worn and slept in, you will often have to replace your permanent extensions more frequently than a set of clip-ins. Permanent extensions also come with the added cost of fitting and maintenance appointments with your hairstylist.

Wearable, low-maintenance, gorgeous hair? You can count us in! 
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