What type of clip-ins would be best for thin hair?

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Extensions for Finer Hair

DEAR M+B: I was just wondering what type of clip-ins would be best for me. 

I want my hair to look thicker and longer, but I also want the finish to be seamless so you can’t see any of the clips. I have quite thin hair. - Molly


Hey Molly!

Thank you so much for your question.

If you’re looking for thicker, longer hair you’ve come to the right place!

Hair extensions are the perfect way to lengthen your locks whilst also adding an extra bump of volume. However, it is a common worry for those with finer hair that the wefts will be visible underneath their natural tresses - this is where our Seamless and Ultra-Seamless sets come in.

These sets are specifically designed to be discreet and virtually undetectable, so they are ideal for achieving an Insta-ready finish every time! Swapping the traditional lace wefts for small, silicone bands, our Seamless and Ultra-Seamless range lay flat to the head and are super comfortable for whatever occasions are planned on your social calendar - what's not to like!?

We hope this helps!

Seamless or Ultra-Seamless

DEAR M+B: What is the difference between Ultra-Seamless and Seamless sets? - Bethany


Hey Bethany!

Thanks for getting in touch.

Now, this is a question we get pretty frequently in our inbox here at M+B, but we promise you, it’s not as complicated as it may seem (or seam, get it lol)

As explained in our previous Q+A, our Seamless and Ultra-Seamless range both feature small silicone wefts that are super discreet under your natural hair, but what's the difference?

Whilst our Seamless range can be hidden and blended into your natural hair effortlessly, our Ultra-Seamless sets are just that, but even smaller! The silicone bands at the top of each weft are slimmed down to ensure that those looking for something extra discreet can enjoy the glam of extensions without worry.

Let us know what you end up going for!

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