Different Hair Curl Types Chart


Do you love curling your hair? Did you know that there are many different types of curls which can be achieved with different styling products? They are all super easy to achieve so you don’t have to be a professional hairstylist to take these tips on board. We’re going to talk you through which styling products achieve a certain type of curl, which is going to make your next curling session sooo much easier. So, read on to find out gals…

So, the first styling tool we used was a 32mm curling tong. Take a section of hair/hair extensions which is about 1 1/2 “ wide. Then you need to wrap the hair around the barrel, starting with the top of the hair at the bottom of the barrel and wrapping the hair around until you reach the tips of the hair. Then, allow the heat to set in for around 10 seconds and then gently unravel the curl. Leave the hair to cool and then brush out starting from the ends of your hair and working upwards. After this process you are left with a super soft, loose effortless curl. Super pretty right?! :)


If you don’t have a curling tong, don’t worry - gorgeous waves can be achieved with hair straighteners too. To curl your hair into loose waves using your straighteners, take a section of hair and clamp your straighteners around it about two inches away from your scalp. Then, twist your flat iron around one full rotation, and continue to twirl it as you pull it down through your hair - the more you twist, the more waves/curls you will create. Again, leave your hair to cool and then brush from the ends working your way up. And there you have it - super beautiful mermaid-like waves at the ready.


Now, if you want to achieve gorgeous, defined waves. We’d definitely recommend using a Babyliss Pro Conical Wand 32mm - 19mm, where the barrell is larger at the base and thinner towards the ends. There is a slight trick to using this curling tool, though. When you starting wrapping the hair around the base of the barrel (where it is larger) make sure that the hair is flat on the barrel until it is half way down. The, when you start to reach the thinner section of the barrel, twist the hair as you are wrapping it around until you reach the ends of your hair. Let the heat set in for around 10 seconds and gently unravel. Now, you know the drill - leave to cool and brush from the ends working your way upwards. You’ll be left with super wavy beach babe locks which simply look ah-mazing.


Next up, super glam Hollywood worthy waves. How gorgeous are they?! AND they are SO easy to recreate. To create this wave we love using the Babyliss Pro Curling Tong Dial-A-Heat 24mm. Take a section of your hair (around 1-2”), hold out your curling tong horizontally, clasp the ends of your hair in the curling tong and literally roll the hair around the curling tong from the ends of the hair to the top. Leave for 10 seconds to allow the heat to set it, gently unravel and of course - leave to curl. Brush out the curl from the ends to the top of your hair and ta-daah, Hollywood worthy waves are yours for the taking.


Finally, if you are in a rush but just NEED to wear your hair wavey. It’s simple - braid your hair then run your hair straightener over the braid, leave to curl and then undone using your fingers. Do not, we repeat, do not, brush this out - it will leave you with frizz tresses. Using your fingers to ruffle up your waves which will leave you with a super effortless finish. The size of your waves depend on the size of your braid, so if you want large waves - create a bigger braid. If you want smaller waves - create a smaller braid (like the one featured in the pic!). And that’s it. Super simple right?! :)


Which curl/wave is your fave?