Essential Dry Shampoo Hacks


What did we do before dry shampoo? Who knows! But the thought of having to stick to a hair washing schedule is just too scary to think about. There’s a lot more to it than just prolonging the gap between washes though. To change your life here are some essential dry shampoo hacks you need to know...

Apply it in layers

If you’re spraying your dry shampoo directly onto your part then you’re definitely not getting the most out it. To remove all the excess oil, you want to apply it in sections working from the nape of your neck to cover as much of your scalp as possible. In fact it’s worth avoiding your part altogether, as you might end up with a white patch that’s hard to shift (eek!). Instead apply it to the section underneath and then work it in with your fingers until your hair looks fresh.

Apply it the night before

For extra volume and to avoid grey patches in the morning it’s best to apply your dry shampoo the night before. This will give it time to soak up all the oil and you’ll wake up with super voluminous hair too.


Faux Beach Waves

If you want to create some gorgeous beachy waves without actually going to the beach then you definitely need some extra texture. Just wave your hair with your straighteners as normal (click here for a quick tutorial) and then spray on your dry shampoo. If you concentrate the product on the mid lengths to ends you’ll get maximum volume and really bulk out those waves. This is a great alternative to salt sprays too as we don’t recommend using them on your hair extensions.

For perfect bangs

If you’re finding your bangs are stuck to your face by lunch time then you definitely need to invest in some dry shampoo. Simply spray the hair from underneath to stop it picking up oil from your skin and take a travel size can with you for top ups during the day.

Use it on damp hair

For a serious injection of volume you can use dry shampoo on damp hair before blow drying. Just spray it from root to tip in sections for the best results and make sure to really work it into your hair.

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Hide your roots

Now that you can get coloured dry shampoos you can use them to cover root growth as well as to combat grease. Obviously this will depend on the colour of your hair but for light blondes and mid brunettes it’s a good hack.

If you use too much

If you’ve applied too much and need to remove the excess powder just take a round brush and blow dry your hair to shift the excess product. Using a round brush will help to lift the root so you won’t be left back where you started with limp locks.

For full volume

You can prep your hair with dry shampoo for any look that requires extra volume. We’d especially recommend it for Hollywood style curls or a classic Dutch braid to really bulk out your hair. Just spray from root to tip and brush the product through before you start styling.