Everything You Need To Know About Seamless Hair Extensions


When you first start trying out clip-in hair extensions it can be super tricky to know what to go for and a little bit daunting with all the choice. We’ve also noticed that you guys have loads of questions about our seamless set so we thought we’d answer them all in one handy blog post. Seamless clip-ins are still a relatively new thing but they’re fast becoming a customer favourite as they’re super lightweight and really easy to conceal!

What are seamless clip-in hair extensions?

Seamless clip-ins are exactly the same as our classic extensions except that they’re bonded together with a silicone strip rather than being sewn onto a lace weft. The silicone neatly holds the hair in place without any shedding and is really lightweight so the extensions are super comfortable to wear. The seamless wefts are also virtually undetectable as they lay completely flat to your head so no one will be able to tell you’re wearing extensions!

Which M+B set is seamless?

We have one seamless set in our collection which is the Deluxe Set. It’s super versatile and perfect for anyone who’s new to clip-ins. It has 10 wefts which are all seamless apart from the lace Volumizer weft which adds loads of extra thickness. It also comes in all four of our lengths which are 12-14”, 16-18”, 20-22” and 24-26”.

Why isn’t the Volumizer Weft in my set seamless too?

Our seamless Deluxe Set still includes our lace Volumizer weft to add loads of extra thickness. Due to the sheer amount of hair on this weft it’s impossible for us to make this one using the seamless bonding method but the overall effect once the whole set is clipped in will still be the most concealed and subtle.

What if I don’t need a full set?

If you love the seamless extensions but don’t need a full set then you can shop our single 3-clip wefts that are also seamless. These are great for creating updos or to bulk out or replace wefts in an existing set and they come in all of our 26 shades.

Who are seamless clip-in hair extensions suitable for?

Seamless clip-ins are perfect for anyone with fine to normal hair as the seamless wefts are really lightweight and virtually undetectable. It’s also a good option if you like creating sleek looks as the wefts lay flat to your head so you can get your hair to lie super smooth.

Do seamless extensions work for thick hair?

As much as the seamless wefts are great for fine hair our Deluxe Set is still super thick so it could 100% work for you. However, if your hair is very thick or if you have a blunt haircut we’d recommend going for our Luxurious Set instead which will help to give you a better blend.

Can you dye seamless hair extensions?

Dyeing your hair extensions can be tricky so we only recommend doing this if you’re 100% confident and to seek the advice of your stylist first. It’s also worth noting that because the top of the seamless wefts are bonded with silicone they might not take the dye as well as the classic lace wefts. This can be combatted by using some root touch up spray which we’ve found sticks really well to the top of the seamless wefts and you can use this to create a faux root on your set too to match your natural hair growth.

What looks can I create using my seamless hair extensions?

You can create any hairstyle you like using your seamless extensions as they’re so versatile and if you go for the full set you’ll have loads of wefts to play with. If you need a little inspiration then it’s worth checking out our YouTube channel which is full of tutorials and hacks. One of our faves is this big beachy waves look that’s totally perfect for the summer...

Why are the seamless wefts stripy?

Some of our highlighted shades can look quite stripy at the top of the wefts because of the way seamless hair extensions are made. However, once they’re clipped in they’ll blend just as well as the classic wefts.

My seamless extensions were bent when I took them out of the box?

Our sets come rolled up in our signature M+B boxes but due to the way they’re packaged the seamless wefts can be creased when you first take them out of the box. These will flatten over time, once you take out and clip in your new set and it’s normal of the seamless wefts. If you need to, you can lay your wefts out flat once you’ve taken them out of the box and rest a book on top to gently iron out the creases. We know this sounds super crazy but it’ll help to speed up the process :)

We hope this blog post has answered all your biggest questions about seamless clip-in hair extensions and that you’re totally ready to make your choice. Also, if you need a shade match for your new set just send some snaps of your hair, in natural light to our team [email protected] and they’ll find your perfect shade :)

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