Everything You Need To Know Before Your Wedding Hair Trial


Is your big day coming up? Wahh! We don’t think there’s anything more exciting than planning a wedding, especially coming up with hairstyle ideas… Obviously! Your hair is almost as important as your dress when it comes to nailing your bridal look so it’s super important that you get it right.

We get asked loads of questions from brides looking for hair advice for the big day and we totally get that it can be a daunting process. One of the biggest steps is booking your hair trial, which is where you get to experiment and bring your ideas to life with a stylist. It’s a really great opportunity to see your finished look and make any changes before the big day so that your hair is exactly how you want it.

To make the most of this time there are a few key tips that are worth knowing first. We’ve put together some of our best wedding hair trial advice so that you can get the most out of your appointment and create your dream look. Here’s what you need to know...


Research your stylist in advance

Wedding hair stylists can get booked up years in advance so you’ll need to get organised if you want someone good. You’ll also need to do loads of research in order to find someone whose work matches the vibe you’re going for. If you’re not sure where to start we’d recommend instagram as a great place to look as it’s so visual. You’ll be able to scroll through their feed and instantly get an idea of what they’re good at and whether they’re the right person for you. It’s also worth looking at reviews and messaging anyone who’s had their hair done by that stylist before, to get an idea of how they work and to avoid any disasters.

Wait until you’ve bought your dress

It’s super important that your hair works with the style of your dress and the shape of the neckline could make a big difference to the hairstyle you go for. You want your hair to complement your dress and to work with it rather than against it. If you can bring your wedding dress to your trial that would be perfect but at the very least you want to bring along some pictures and wear something with a similar neckline.

Bring visuals

Your stylist isn’t a mind reader so you’ll want to bring as many pictures as possible to your trial to give them the best idea of what you want. Pinterest is great for this as you can create different boards and pin from any website to get all your ideas in the same place. Try and keep it quite specific though and make sure you’ve got at least one style in mind that you definitely want to try.

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Do your makeup

Ideally you want to book your makeup trial on the same day as your hair trial so that you can get the best idea of the finished look. If this isn’t possible then you’ll want to try and recreate your desired wedding look before heading to see your stylist. Some hairstyles can look way too ‘done’ if you’re totally makeup free or might not work with the makeup vibe you’re going for, so it’s worth making the extra effort!

Take your hair extensions with you

If you want to wear your M+B hair extensions on your big day then it’s super important that you bring them to your hair trial. Your stylist might need to rejig your style to conceal the wefts and your chosen hairstyle could look completely different with the extra length or thickness. We’ve written a whole blog post on how to choose hair extensions for your wedding day here that’s definitely worth reading before your trial.

Take your accessories

If you’d like to incorporate any accessories into your look then you definitely want to take those with you too. They can totally change a hairstyle and it’ll be hard to get an idea of the finished look without them. It’s also a really good idea to bring your veil and any jewellery that you’ll be wearing on the big day.


Be super vocal during your appointment

This is YOUR big day and as much as it’s awkward to tell your stylist you’re not happy, it’s even more awkward to hate your pictures forever. If you don’t like something then speak up and make sure you’re really involved during your trial so that you get the look you want. This will also make it way easier for your stylist as they’ll know exactly what you’re looking for. You want to try and be as clear as possible so avoid any vague answers!

Take loads of pictures

Before you leave make sure to ask your stylist to snap your hair from all angles, especially if you’re testing out more than one look. We all have a tendency to remember things a little better or worse than they actually were so by having pics you’ll know exactly what it looked like. This means you’ll be able to ask your friends and family for their opinion too if you’re still undecided.

Make a note of how long it takes

As much we’d love endless amounts of time to get ready for our wedding day the reality is that you need to make it on time. This is why it’s so important to take note of how long it takes to complete the look so that you can factor in enough time on the day.

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Take note of how your style holds up

Once your trial is over you want to take note of how well your hairstyle holds up. Unless you’re planning on having more than one, it’s going to need to last a pretty long time and you’ll want it to look good until the end of the celebrations. So if you find that your curls are dropping or that you’re hemorrhaging bobby pins as soon as you leave, then you might need to rethink the style.

Look after your hair

Not only is this super important pre-trial but you really, really need to care for your hair in the run up to your wedding. There’s no hiding fried strands and damage can be super tricky to conceal, even in an updo. Make sure you’re masking regularly, keeping on top of trims and keeping heat styling to a minimum so that your hair looks its best.

If you have your wedding coming up then we hope you found this post super useful and that you’re feeling a little less stressed about your hair trial. As always if you’d like some more advice on incorporating hair extensions into your look then feel free to drop us an email [email protected]. We’ve also interviewed bridal hairstylist Kimberly Logie here who has loads of great tips for nailing your wedding hairstyle.