M+B Meets Kimberly Logie

milk-and-blush-meet-kimberly-logie We always have a little fan girl moment in the office when we see one of our fave hairstylists have used Milk + Blush hair extensions on a shoot. Their work is so inspiring and it’s cool to see how many different looks they can create using our sets. In our new series M+B Meets … we’re going to be sitting these guys down to get all the behind the scenes tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your everyday routine. If it’s good enough for models and celebrities, then it’s good enough for us right? Today stylist Kimberly Logie is letting us in on all the wedding hair secrets a girl could wish for. She’s been creating bridal looks for over 18 years and knows all the tips and tricks to get it right on the big day. From updos using gypsophila (our fave) to Hollywood waves, there isn’t a single style she can’t work with a veil. M+B: How did you get started in the industry? KL: My interest was sparked from a very young age after going to my mother’s perm appointments. I was mesmerised observing the hairdresser transform her hair. M+B: Are there any pro tools in your kit that we could incorporate into our daily hair routines? KL: A good volume enhancer, heat protectant and matte texturising powder or spray are three of my absolute essentials. I also love anything that’s cruelty, paraben, sulphate and silicone free and anything weightless is always a good shout. milk-and-blush-hair-stylist-interview-kimberly-logie M+B: What are your top tips for using M+B hair extensions? KL: The most important thing for me is getting clean sections as it gives you the best base for applying the extensions. M+B: If you don’t have a lot of time to style a client’s hair what’s your go to look? KL: I would go for a 2 minute, textured top knot or barely-there effortless waves. M+B: What do you think the biggest hair trends will be for the summer? KL: I try to not follow trends. In order to maintain offering a personally tailored service, I prefer to style instinctively in the moment and do what suits my client’s unique features. milk-and-blush-hair-stylist-interview-kimberly-logie M+B: What do you think is the biggest mistake people make with their hair? KL: Ruining its condition either by over processing with chemicals or extreme heat damage. Once your hair has been compromised past the point of no return, it becomes fragile and can result in distressing thinning and breakage. M+B: Where do you get your inspiration from? KL: People, places, things - I'm fortunate to be able to find inspiration wherever I am in the moment. M+B: Do you have any tips for brides who want to use M+B hair extensions for their wedding look? KL: Order in advance! M+B are the best quality and very popular for this reason! I recommend that my brides pre-order when they first contact me to reserve their wedding hair (which can be up to 2 years in advance). I explain how they'll last through multiple styling sessions and can be custom coloured so they’re not just for your wedding. It can be really exciting trying new styles in the lead up to the big day, when attending special events, day-to-day, and especially when going on a glam night out! M+B: What are the most common mistakes brides make with their wedding hair? KL: Not pre-booking far enough in advance! It's never a good feeling to have to turn away a bride who’s left booking her wedding hair a few weeks prior to her set date. M+B: How far before a wedding should the bride have her trial? KL: I prefer trials to be within weeks of the wedding date. This allows hair to be the closest to how it will look on the big day. Many brides change their colour or length in the lead up to their big day. When booking a trial 2 years in advance, hair may look entirely different nearer to the wedding. I like hair to be freshly coloured (or natural!) and for my clients to have a photograph of their dress, flowers, veil, and to have their shade matched M+B hair extensions present for any trial styling sessions. Fortunately, my clients trust my style recommendations enough to sometimes forego having a trial. Although not essential, I do believe trials are a great way for brides to envision what style they will feel most confident and happy wearing! It's very important to me that they look and feel like the best version of themselves! How amazing are these tips? And perfect if you have your big day coming up! If you loved this one then make sure to check out our interview with celebrity hairstylist Jake Gallagher here.