GHD Gold Unboxing + Tips and Tricks For Using a Flat Iron

This week I’m bringing you an unboxing and first impressions of the new GHD Gold Styler plus our top tips and tricks for using a flat iron.

So what’s the deal with this new styler? It’s a new and improved version of the GHD IV styler which hasn’t been updated for a whole ten years! It has new dual zone technology which means the styler has two heat sensors instead of one in the original styler. This promises to deliver consistent heat through the plates resulting in a smoother and sleeker result.

The GHD Gold still features all the amazing things we loved about the original styler though including contoured floating plates and a rounded barrel for smooth snag free styling, universal voltage, an automatic sleep mode feature that switches the styler off after 30 minutes of non-use and the optimum styling temperature of 180°C. GHD conduct rigorous testing when it comes to their stylers and have concluded that this temperature delivers salon quality results with minimal heat damage.

So what is the styler actually like to use? On first impression I really can’t fault it - I used it to create classic flat iron curls and it performs just as well as the original styler if not better. I found that the extra heat sensor delivered a more consistent heat resulting in a smoother performance. I didn't need to redo any sections of my hair and the plates didn't tug or snag my hair at all. Can we also take a moment to appreciate how pretty it is?! I know the look of a heat tool shouldn’t determine your thoughts on how it performs but I can’t help myself, I’m in love.

Now let’s get to our flat iron tips and tricks…


Choose your products wisely

It’s great to use styling products prior to styling your hair with a flat iron but you want to make sure you’re choosing the right ones. You want to avoid any products that will get sticky like strong hold hair sprays or gels as these can prevent your styler from gliding smoothly through your hair and can build up on the styler itself which will affect its performance. Instead, opt for products specifically designed to be used with a flat iron or a heat tool, these products will never get sticky and will protect your hair from the heat. We love to use the TIGI S Factor Straightening Flat Iron Shine Spray and Heat Defender.


Heat protection!

This seems super obvious but you’ll be surprised how many people skip this vital step. Flat irons are great but we can’t ignore the fact that they can damage your hair so it’s really important to protect your tresses as much as possible. You can get heat protection products in two forms, a cream or lotion that you can apply to damp hair (we love the L’Oreal Stylista Blow Dry Cream) or a spray that you can apply to both damp and dry hair (we opt for the Tresemme Heat Defence Styling Spray). So whenever you reach for your flat iron reach for some heat protection too!

Hold off if your hair is damp

When your hair is 80% dry after washing it can be tempting to go in with your flat iron to speed up the drying process and straighten at the same time but this is the ultimate sin when it comes to using a flat iron. If your hair isn’t completely dry before you flat iron it you can run the risk of scorching your hair and creating a whole lot of damage. So be patient, give it 10 and keep your hair happy!


Work in small sections

On the subject of patience it’s always best to take your time and work in smaller sections when using a flat iron. If you try to straighten or curl a large, chunky section of hair the styler won’t be able to heat all of the hair evenly, it’ll only heat up the outsides of the section, leaving you with an uneven curl or a half straight piece of hair meaning you’ll have to re style that section. It’ll actually save you time in the long run if you work with sections no larger than an inch, you’ll only have to run the styler over your hair once leaving you with a better look and no extra heat damage.


Don’t tug your hair

When styling your hair your flat iron shouldn’t tug or pull your hair. This can put unnecessary strain on your roots and isn’t very pleasant! For a flat iron to perform adequately the plates barely need to touch, remember it’s the heat doing to work. So if you experience that tug or pulling sensation simply loosen your grip on the iron slightly for easier styling.

Use a brush or comb for super sleek hair

This tip is for all my M+B Babes who love to rock the super sleek look. Start by holding a section of hair with the bristles of a brush or comb, clamp your flat iron above this and slowly slide the iron and the brush down the hair. This will detangle the hair as you work your way down resulting in a smoother and sleeker finish. You’ll also find that this is a much more efficient way of straightening the hair as you’ll only need to style each section of hair once.


Keep your flat iron clean

It’s really important to keep your flat iron clean as build up of product on your iron can cause the plates to tug on your hair rather than gliding through. You can give your styler a spring clean by wiping the product away with a little rubbing alcohol on a clean towel. You can pick this up online or at the drugstore and it works like a dream.

Get experimental!

If you're investing in a flat iron like the GHD styler you want to know that you’re getting the most for your money so don’t get stuck just straightening your hair or creating ribbon curls. The styling possibilities are endless! Try creating barely there waves or beachy texture with braids. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how many looks you can create with one tool.

Check out the full unboxing of the GHD Gold and our tips and tricks in the video below!