Hair Products That Damage Your Hair

damaging-hair-productsWe get that there are bigger culprits when it comes to hair damage, like heat styling or dyeing, but your hair products could be killing your strands too. As crazy as it seems, not all of the products you buy have your hair health in mind and are more of a temporary fix than a long term solution. That’s why it’s so important to get clued up on what you’re using so that you can avoid doing any damage. If you’re not sure where you’re going wrong we’ve put together a list of the worst offenders to help you out...

Dry Shampoo

It might be called shampoo but it’s not actually cleaning your hair! Dry shampoos work by soaking up the excess moisture from your strands but the heavy powder will leave a thick residue on your scalp. This can buildup if you’re using it regularly and can be quite tricky to remove if your shampoo isn’t clarifying enough. Eventually, all that buildup could affect your hair follicles and lead to an itchy and irritated scalp which is why it’s so important not to use it every day. damaging-products-quotes

Heat Protectant

Protecting your hair is obviously really important but your heat protectant could be damaging your strands if you’re not applying it properly. A lot of heat protectants will wet your hair and if you don’t let it dry before heat styling then it’ll fry your strands as the liquid heats up. Instead, you’ll need to brush it through your hair and wait until it’s completely dry before using hot tools.

Salt Spray

Salt sprays work by drying out your hair which is what creates that heavy, beachy texture, just like saltwater on holiday. This will really dry out your hair though, especially on the ends and can lead to breakage and damage if you’re using it all the time. To minimise the risk it’s always worth prepping your hair with a leave-in conditioner first. This will add a layer of protection while it’s on your hair but you’ll still want to use a hair mask afterwards to replace the moisture lost to the salt spray.

Hair Elastics

These may be an essential product but hair elastics are a lot rougher on your strands than you might think. If you’re pulling them too tight they can put a lot of strain on your strands and snap your hair causing breakage, especially around your hairline. Instead, it’s best to switch to an Invisibobble or scrunchie that won’t cause as much tension as they have a much smoother surface.


Ok, ok so as much as this is a must have it’s good to be wary of as it as hairspray can buildup on your hair if your shampoo isn’t strong enough to remove the residue and will leave your strands looking seriously dull. It’s also bad news for your scalp and can cause a flakey residue to buildup on your parting making it look as though you have dandruff. They can also be drying as lots of hairsprays contain Denat, a type of alcohol that dries really quickly. This is great for speeding up your styling time but it also zaps a lot of moisture from your strands making it more prone to frizz and damage, especially if you’re heat styling. If you hairspray often then it’s best to switch to an alcohol-free version like the Kenra Shaping Spray #21 which doesn’t affect the moisture levels in your hair but still provides amazing hold.