Hair Treatments You Can Do At Your Desk

  We get that if you’re busy at work then your hair isn’t going to be a priority which is why we’ve found a few ways you can boost your strands from the comfort of your desk. Obviously, these will depend on how strict your office is but we’re sure you’ll be able to fit in a hair pick me up when your boss is on lunch...

Anti Frizz Sheets

If, by lunchtime, your hair resembles a frizz ball then keeping some anti-frizz sheets at your desk will be a total lifesaver. All you need to do is smooth these over your strands and they instantly tame static and flyaways to give you a sleeker look. Our favourites are the OUAI Anti Frizz Sheets which come in individual packets and are made with coconut oil and shea butter to add loads of shine.

Leave-In Conditioner

If the heating is on full blast in your office then it won’t be long before it starts affecting your hair. As much as you want to be cosy, the central heating will zap the moisture out of the hair and leave it feeling dry and dull. This is why we’d recommend keeping a bottle of leave-in conditioner on your desk so that you can keep your hair topped up with moisture. One of our favourites is the Kristin Ess Weightless Shine Leave-In Conditioner which comes in a spray bottle so it’s easy to apply. It also smells amazing and the packaging is gorgeous!   desk-hair-treatments-quotes

Hair Growth Serum

If you’re looking to boost hair growth then a scalp serum would be the best at work treatment for you. These are lightweight, fast-drying serums that treat your scalp and provide your follicles with the nutrients they need to grow healthy hair. We’d recommend the Nanogen Serum or the Umberto Giannini Grow Tonic depending on your budget. Both are quick-drying and have great reviews while being small enough to fit in your handbag.

Hair Oil

Just like a leave-in conditioner, oils are a great way to keep your strands topped up with moisture while you’re sat at your desk. You can quickly apply a pea-size amount through the lengths and ends of your hair and if you’re doing this regularly it’ll make a big difference to your hair health. We’d recommend using the VERB Ghost Oil which instantly sinks into your strands without leaving any residue. It’s also great at fighting frizz and adding loads of shine.

Hair Supplements

Taking hair supplements is a great way to nourish your strands from the inside out and to supercharge hair growth. We’ve put them as a desk treatment simply because you’re way more likely to remember to take them if you’re staring at them all day. Our favourites are the Hairburst ones which we've reviewed in way more detail here.

Hair Mask

Ok, ok so it might seem a little far fetched for you to sit at your desk with a full hair mask on but there is a way you can treat your hair while still looking work appropriate. You just need to pull your hair into a low pony and then apply your hair mask to the ends of your hair before wrapping it up in a tight bun. Your deep treatment will be disguised as a sleek look so that you can totally get away with it.