Heatless Hairstyles For Long Hair


This week we’re bringing you five super cute heatless hairstyles that are perfect for long hair. Styling your beautiful long locks with heat too often can be damaging so we wanted to show you how you can achieve a killer look that shows off your tresses without any hot tools.

Whether you naturally have luscious long locks and wear hair extensions for volume, or whether you’ve got shorter hair and like to change things up now and again these hairstyles offer something for everyone.

For these looks I’m wearing my Milk + Blush Classic Seamless Set in the length 20-22” in the shade ‘Slayer’ which have been custom toned. If you want to go even longer check out our super long 24-26” set!


Half Up Fishtail

Half up hairstyles are great for long hair. They get your hair out of your face whilst still showing off your gorgeous long tresses.

This half up fishtail is a fave here at M+B HQ. It’s simply two sections of hair at the front twisted to the back of the head and then braided to form a fishtail. Incorporating your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions into this braid makes it ultra thick and long which is perfect for these kind of hairstyles. This look is super boho and so Pinterest worthy.


Knotted Braids

On the subject of half up hairstyles we have these super cute and easy knotted braids. It’s really simple to do but looks so effective! It’s literally two braids - in this case two three strand braids - pulled together at the back and tied into a knot. You can secure the knot in place with a bobby pin or two and you’re good to go.

Make this hairstyle your own and experiment with different braids - make them messy, neat and tidy or pulled out and thick!


Relaxed Ponytail

Okay, so there’s nothing new about throwing your hair into a ponytail but this relaxed low ponytail is sooo pretty with long hair and is a great alternative to your go-to messy ponytail.

It’s also ideal for pretty much any occasion. Whether you’re having a casual day with your girlfriends or dressing up for a special occasion, it’s elegant and feminine yet relaxed.


Sleek Side Ponytail

If the relaxed, messy look isn't your thing try this super sleek side ponytail. We saw Jessica Alba rocking this sleek and sophisticated look and thought it would be perfect for long hair. There’s something quite noughties meets high fashion about this look and we’re loving it!

Sleek styles are a really great heatless hair fix, all you need for that hair to stay in place is some hairspray and a smoothing serum to tame those fly aways.


Faux Fishtail

Bored of the same old braids? Enter the Faux Fishtail. This hairstyle really makes an impact and makes your hair look ridiculously thick and full. With this technique you can throw traditional braiding methods out the window and swap them for simply a few hair elastics. It’s so easy and perfect if you struggle with the traditional fishtail braid.

You can wear this faux fishtail solo like I have or you can double up with two braids. You could also incorporate it in a half up hairstyle or use it as an accent braid in a textured ponytail.

Now you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to heatless hairstyle inspiration! For the full tutorials on each look check out the video below and if you recreate any of these looks with your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions be sure to share it on Instagram and tag @milkandblush, we love seeing your super cute creations!