How Much Are Hair Extensions? - A Complete Guide

From clip-ins to tape-ins...

Hair extensions are the perfect fix for longer, more glamorous hair – unlocking any style instantly.

Temporary products like clip-in extensions are ideal for those looking for length and volume for special occasions and can be taken out at the end of the night, while semi-permanent products provide a daily boost that’s effortless to maintain.

But how much exactly do hair extensions cost? And how do costs vary depending on the type of extensions you buy?

Milk + Blush hair extension experts explain all…

How much are hair extensions?

The price of hair extensions depends on the quality, length and whether or not you attach them yourself or visit a professional.

High-quality, 100% Remy human clip-in hair extensions cost around £120-£255 for a full head set, while permanent products like pre-bonded extensions, can cost into the thousands.

Accessories like single wefts or ponytail extensions may also be more or less expensive depending on the length and quality.

How much do temporary hair extensions cost?

Temporary hair extensions can be taken out after each wear – providing a boost in length or volume only when you need it without caring for longer, fuller hair every day.

Examples of temporary extensions include clip-ins and wire extensions, with prices varying by quality, length and weight, number of wefts and more.

How much are clip in extensions?

Clip-in hair extensions – as their name suggests – clip to your existing hair with a discreet comb that fits flat to your scalp for an undetectable look.

They may be made from synthetic hair – which is cheaper but only lasts a few wears – or 100% Remy human hair that lasts up to a year with proper care.

For those looking for a subtle boost in length or volume, single or quad wefts can be used to complete your look instead of opting for a full head set.

Our 20” Classic Clip-In Hair Extensions are made from 100% Remy human hair, with 9 wefts to add thickness and volume for just £145.

How much are wire extensions?

Unlike clip-ins, wire extensions don’t attach to your existing hair. Instead, they attach to a subtle headpiece for a discreet finish.

For this reason, they are typically more expensive than clip-in extensions, as they’re built bespoke to fit just right.

Wire hair extension prices depend on the length and weight (based on the number of strands) of the hair extensions, as well as the type of headpiece.

A typical set of wire hair extensions costs from £150 to £800.

How much are ponytail hair extensions?

Ponytail extensions – as their name suggests – are specialist extensions uniquely used to add length and volume to ponytails. Like regular clip-in hair extensions, they come in various lengths and colours and are made from either synthetic hair or authentic human hair.

Extensions made with 100% Remy human last longer than synthetic products, making them more affordable long-term as they don’t need replacing every few wears.

Our 24” Clip-In Ponytail Hair Extensions are available in a variety of shades to help you find your exact colour match, at just £265.

How much do semi-permanent hair extensions cost?

As you’d expect, semi-permanent hair extensions cost more than temporary products. This is because they’re designed to last longer and require professional fitting.

The exact price of semi-permanent extensions depends on the product and fitting process, as many will require a specialist stylist.

How much are tape-in extensions?

Tape-in hair extensions, unsurprisingly, tape to existing hair for a boost in length and volume for around six to eight weeks before they need to be taken out.

They should be fitted and removed by hair extension specialists, which adds to the price you pay. And, like temporary hair extensions, the cost of tape-ins depends on the quality, length, and weight of the product.

Our Invisible Tape-In Extensions come in 25-gram bundles and a variety of colours – making it effortless to find your perfect match – from just £77.

How much are weave-in or sew-in extension?

Weave-in and sew-in extensions are slightly more complicated than clip-ins or tape-ins and, as a result, can be more costly to achieve and maintain.

A professional hair stylist parts your hair and creates cornrows, where the weft is sewn in.

While weave-in extensions can start from around £150, they will also require professional fitting and need to be ‘moved up’ every few months to maintain the look – meaning they can prove expensive long-term compared with attaching clip-ins as and when you want that glam look.

How much are micro link/micro bead extensions?

Microlink – or microbead – extensions are fitted by tying a microscopic bead to existing hair before attaching a small strand of hair with specialist styling pliers. They’re more comfortable to wear than weave-ins as they don’t require tight cornrows.

Like most semi-permanent hair extensions, microbeads require professional fitting, meaning they cost more up-front than temporary products. But they last around five months with the right care before they need to be replaced or taken out.

How much are nano tip extensions?

Nano tip extensions are similar to microlinks – attaching to existing hair without requiring tight cornrows – except they are much smaller and thinner than microbeads, making them popular among those with finer hair for a discreet look.

They are also one of the longest-lasting hair extension options, offering up to nine months of wear when properly cared for. While they cost more upfront than temporary extensions, they can work out much more affordable per wear for those looking for a daily boost in length and

Our Nano Tip Hair Extensions come in a variety of lengths from 16” to 22” and colours to match any hair, from just £57.

How much are flat tip extensions?

Flat tip hair extensions are bonded to your natural hair with an adhesive. They get their name from the flat bonds that create a discreet and undetectable look when applied.

While they require professional application and removal, they can last around five months with proper care, giving you your money’s worth.

Unlike many semi-permanent hair extensions, flat tips can be reapplied by hair specialists when cared for and maintained properly – giving them a longer life and making them more affordable per wear.

Our Flat Tip Hair Extensions are available in either 16” or 20” lengths and are made from 100% Cuticle Stabilised Remy Hair, from just £57.

How much do hair extensions cost online versus a salon?

The cost of hair extensions can vary depending on the type of product as well as where you buy them.

Temporary hair extensions are often more affordable to buy online, as providers ship them direct – so they have fewer outgoings compared with salons, like commercial rent and other overheads. It can also be cheaper to buy semi-permanent products online and take them to a specialist.

On the other hand, some salons may offer discounts on semi-permanent or permanent hair extensions when you have them applied there and then.

The best way to look glamorous for less is to invest in high-quality, authentic Remy hair extensions and care for them properly to extend their life and avoid having to regularly replace them.

Choose from a range of temporary and semi-permanent hair extensions from Milk & Blush – including our classic clip-in and tape-in extensions, or our nano tips and flat tips.

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