How To Choose The Best Haircut For Your Face Shape

Deciding on a new haircut can be pretty daunting, especially when the styles, trends and our celebrity hair crushes change as often as our Insta feed refreshes. Just like outfits though, there are certain styles that can flatter your frame better than others and knowing your face shape is a good place to start. Today we’re going to break down each one and give you the best and worst looks to have you totally clued up on what will work for you.


Celebrities with this face shape: Selena Gomez, Beyonce and Gemma Chan

The most flattering: The goal for a round face is to elongate your features and balance the width of your chubby cheeks (cute!). If you want the illusion of a longer face then mid to long length hair that hits on or below your shoulders will give you that slimming effect. Pixie cuts work really well with a round face shape too as they add volume on top making your features look longer. If you want bangs then a side swept or Bardot style will be the most flattering for you.

Try to Avoid: You don’t really want to get short layers or anything that will add volume around your face as this will make it look even wider. The same goes for heavy blunt bangs, you want to avoid any cuts that stop at the roundest part of your face.


Celebrities with this face shape: Sarah Jessica Parker, Gisele Bundchen and Liv Tyler

The most flattering: If you have a long face shape then you want to add some volume at the side of your face to balance it out. Shorter layers and a side part will work really well for you and curls or volume creating styles should be a go-to. If you want to try out bangs then a blunt 60s style cut would look amazing!

Try to Avoid: Definitely long hair that is all one length as this will elongate your face shape even more.


Celebrities with this face shape: JLo, Salma Hayek and Margo Robbie

The most flattering: Keeping your hair long tends to be more flattering for square face shapes and it’s worth trying out curls or choppy layers to soften up your look too. Layers that sit under your chin are great for framing the face and will help to make your jaw look rounder.

What to avoid: Blunt haircuts, especially ones that sit at chin level as these will only help to accentuate a square jaw. Centre partings and blunt bangs are worth avoiding too as all those sharp edges can look super harshHeart

Celebrities with this face shape: Cheryl Cole, Lilly Cole and Scarlett Johansson

The most flattering: You want to keep the fullness of your cut on or below chin level as any volume at the top of your head will emphasise the point at your jawline. A lob would be perfect for softening this shape and is a really low maintenance style that’s totally on trend right now. Opt for a deep side parting too as this will help to open up your face and remember that wavy or curly styles will work way better than poker straight hair.

Try to avoid: Definitely blunt bangs or anything that adds volume at the top of your face as this will throw off the balance. You also don’t want a cut that curls in under your chin as that will narrow the jawline too.Oval

Celebrities with this face shape: Blake Lively, Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian

The most flattering: Oval faces tend to be the most versatile when it comes to haircuts so you have far more choice. You can literally go for anything so it’s just about personal preference for you and figuring out what the areas of your face you want to highlight.

Try to avoid: Even though you can pull off any cut it’s important to consider your hair type first. A blunt bob may flatter your face but if you have curly hair it’s going to be a nightmare trying to style that everyday.

So whether you’re a heart, oval or square-shaped beauty we hope this post has you clued up and totally inspired to find a new style that works for you :)

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