How-to Clip-in Ponytail Extensions

Whether you are looking for a new glam hairstyle or simply wanting to disguise your day-4 hair; our new professional Clip-in Ponytails are a perfect addition to your hair wardrobe! 

Simply follow our easy guide for a seamless and comfortable application of your new pony piece. 

Step One: Straighten Your Hair

For a sleek finish with a seamless blend, we recommend straightening your natural hair before your Ponytail application. Begin by brushing through your hair to remove any tangles, and gently straighten the hair to smooth the cuticles. 

Step Two: Tie-up Your Hair

To give the Ponytail something to grip on-to, tie your natural hair up in a slick, high-ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Ensure the hair is tightly secured to make your pony as comfortable as possible.

Step Three: Add Volume

For added volume and extra comfort, tie an additional bobble around an inch away from the first; (don’t worry, these are provided with our Ponytails). The additional hair tie will not only give your pony extra height but also prevent any slippage. If you have naturally fine hair, you can tie your natural-pony into a bun instead at this stage.

Step Four: Apply the Ponytail

Your natural-pony is ready for a glow-up! Begin to attach your Ponytail Extension to the top of your pony; Ponytails are attached to the hair using the traditional gated clips, with a velcro fastening for extra support.

Step Five: Secure the Ponytail

Lifting the Ponytail out of the way, wrap the velcro base around your natural pony, followed by the wrap-around hair attachment. To conceal your style, fix the wrap-around hair piece to your pony using a bobby-pin; also included in your Care Kit.

Step Six: Finish the Look

You are ready to dress this super-quick and versatile hair-look up or down. All of our premium Clip-in Ponytail Extensions are 100% Remy Human hair, giving you the freedom to style to yours using your favourite hair tools.

Ready to achieve Hollywood-style glamour in minutes? Shop our new Milk+Blush Clip-in Ponytail Extensions now!