How to Curl Your Hair With Straighteners


Are you bored of your sleek, straight locks? Then give your hairstyle an amp of volume as we show you how to curl your hair using hair straighteners.

Think straighteners only have one purpose? Then think again. Not only are they the ultimate tool to create super straight hair, they also double up as a great curling tool, too. Don't believe us? Just take a look at our top three ways to curl your hair using hair straighteners below.


When we say crimping, people often gasp in despair. But, crimping your hair doesn't mean you hair is going to end up a frizzy mess. Oh no, instead say hey to gorgeous beach babes waves and what's even better? The look can easily be achieved by using hair straighteners! To achieve beach babe waves, start by braiding sections of your hair into three strand braids and tying them with small hair elastics. Then clamp your hair straighteners onto the braids and glide them along the braids. Once you have given each braid a glide with the hair irons, remove the hair elastics from the braids to release your effortless waves.


We love loose waves but the great news is that you don’t even need a curling wand or iron to create these effortless locks- you can curl your hair using hair straighteners. Yup, trust us gals. To achieve a set of loose waves, begin by applying a heat protector to your hair extensions and then clipping your hair into manageable sections. To curl the hair with straighteners, take one section of hair and mist with hairspray. Then clamp the hair irons about halfway down the hair, and twist the hair away from your face until you reach the ends of your tresses. The look of your curls will depend on how quickly you glide the iron down your hair. For example, a quick run will give you a softer, more gentle curl, whilst twirling your hair in slow motion will create a more defined and tighter ringlet.


The disheveled bed head look is one hairstyle which we all desire, yet somehow find it hard to master. Luckily, messy bed hair can easily be replicated with hair straighteners. All you need to do is apply a heat protector to the hair and section with clips. Then take one section of hair and clamp the hair irons as close to the root as possible. In an over and under motion, begin moving the hair straightener down the hair until you have reached the ends. Voila- you should have disheveled, always on trend bed head waves. There’s plenty of hairstyles you can create using your most loved styling tool, and these are just a couple of ways you can curl your hair using hair straighteners.

What other hairstyles do you like to create using your hair straighteners other than to straighten your hair? : )