How To Detangle Your Hair Without Causing Damage

Having tangled strands is up there as one of the most annoying hair problems, along with frizz, split ends and shedding. It’s also really time consuming to get them out and if you don’t detangle correctly then you can cause a lot of damage. The cold weather isn’t helping either as all those chunky scarves and high neck jumpers can make a knotty mess of your strands. With all this to consider we thought we’d get together a few of our best hacks for detangling your hair without causing damage...

Use The Right Tools

Trying to use a brush to yank through the tangles will only snap your strands so you need to make sure you’re using the right tools. A wide-tooth comb or Tangle Teezer would be the best option as they’re really gentle and are designed for tangled hair. You can also use these on wet hair and their great for evenly applying conditioner through the lengths.


Always Use A Detangling Spray

Would you shave your legs without shaving cream? No, so don’t detangle your hair without a detangling spray! This will make such a difference and will really help to reduce any damage to your hair during the detangling process. The spray will help your comb to glide through your hair so that the knots are really easily removed. One of our favourites is the R+Co Pinstripe Intense Detangling Spray which deeply hydrates your hair without weighing it down.

Bottoms Up

Most people know this already but the most important thing is that you detangle from the ends up. Putting pressure on the tangles with your brush could snap your hair and the higher up you start the more strain you’ll put on your strands. It’s all about being as gentle as possible and slowly working out each tangle to cause the least amount of damage.

Work In Sections

You want to work in small sections to ensure you’re being as gentle as possible but this will also make the detangling process way easier. To start, use your fingers to gently divide your hair into sections, we’d recommend 4 sections for fine hair or 8 sections if your hair is really thick. You can then start combing from the bottom of each section up towards your roots to remove the tangles.

Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase or a silk turban will make a huge difference and will help to make your hair less knotty when you wake up. Our favourites are the Silke Hair Wrap Turban and the Slip Silk Pillowcases which are made with 100% pure silk. They’re great for keeping your hair moisturised and tangle-free while you sleep.