How to Disguise Greasy Hair

How to Disguise Greasy HairWe’ve all been there. We stumble into bed having not washed our hair for several days, vow to cleanse our strands in the morning, and then - horror of horrors - we oversleep. So, do we grin and bear the burden of greasy locks for the day, or do we do our oil-busting darndest by following this guide to how to disguise greasy hair? Hmmm. Tough choice.

If you suddenly find yourself in a similarly greasy situation, keep calm - just read on for our tips on how to disguise greasy hair, and you’ll be styling out your hair mishap in no time...

How to disguise greasy hair: Step one

How to Disguise Greasy HairThe first step is to begin by giving your locks a quick blast with a hairdryer. Why, you may ask? Well, as weird as it sounds, a quick drying session actually helps to heat up the look-ruining oils in our hair, making them easier to re-distribute throughout our tresses (and therefore making them less noticeable). So, if you want to effectively disguise your greasy hair, heat away - preferably with a hairdryer that’s kind to hair. To turn your limp locks into fuller-looking tresses, blow-dry your strands in an upward motion.

How to disguise greasy hair: Step two

How to Disguise Greasy HairWhen you’ve finished blasting your strands with the hairdryer, it’s time to set about re-distributing those root-hugging oils throughout your tresses to help disguise your greasy hair. For this step, you will need to arm yourself with a good quality boar bristle brush, such as the Ibiza hairbrush. Not only is this natural, artisan-made hairbrush the perfect tool for quickly and easily drawing grease from the root of the hair down to the tip, but it’s also extra gentle on hair, too - so if you don’t have one, we suggest adding it to your hair care collection, pronto. You’ll never look back!

How to disguise greasy hair: Step three

How to Disguise Greasy HairAs you might expect from a guide to how to cheat refreshed locks, the next step in our Dirty Looks guide to how to disguise greasy hair involves dry shampoo - specifically, the Tigi Bed Head Oh Bee Hive! Matte Dry Shampoo. To keep your overall style looking nice and natural, we suggest avoiding spraying the dry shampoo too close to the roots of your hair. This way, you’ll end up with clean-looking, voluminous tresses minus the tell-tale sign of slightly dull-looking roots. Clever, huh?

How to disguise greasy hair: Step four

How to Disguise Greasy HairThe final step in our guide to how to disguise greasy hair is to finish up by smoothing a small amount of serum onto the tips of your tresses. This is a really sneaky way to balance out the appearance of any oil that may still be lurking towards the roots of your hair, while also giving your tresses a polished, deliberate finish. Serum applied? Then check out your reflection in the mirror and admire your expertly disguised greasy hair!

We hope this guide to how to disguise greasy hair helps you through your bad hair day! Do you have any of your own tips and tricks on how to hide oily locks?