How To Get Hair Like Gigi Hadid Using Your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions


Gigi Hadid is just one of those gals we’ll never stop swooning over and that definitely includes her super long blonde waves. Today we’re going to share a swept back look that’s one of her red carpet staples and an easy one to recreate using your Milk + Blush hair extensions. It’s going to be perfect for the party season and is amazing on second day hair too so it’s a really useful look to get down. Here are the steps...

What you’ll need: Your Milk + Blush hair extensions, a hair dryer, a curling wand, a loop brush, a comb, some hairspray and mousse.


Step 1

The first step is to clip in your Milk + Blush hair extensions, we used the 20-22” Luxurious Set in the shade She Stole My Look for this tutorial. Once they're clipping in you can brush your hair back from your hairline using a loop brush.


Step 2

Once all your hair is pushed back take some mousse and run it through the hair for extra hold. When all the mousse is worked in blow dry your hair to set everything in place.


Step 3

Start curling your hair in sections from the nape of your neck making sure to curl all your hair to the right. We used the T3 Styling Wand with the 1 inch barrel for this look as it’s the perfect starting point for loose waves. You also want to hold the curls in your hand to cool down before letting them drop as it will give them extra staying power.


Step 4

Once the curls have completely cooled down you can use a loop brush to soften them and create the loose waves. Just make sure to start from the ends of your hair and work your way up.


Step 5

Next backcomb your roots in sections to create more volume around your hairline. Use a fine tooth comb and make sure to push the hair towards your head, remove the comb and repeat to avoid causing any damage.


Step 6

Once you’ve finished backcombing, gently smooth your hair back and use lots of hairspray to hold everything in place. You’re done!

Hope you loved this look! We’ve popped the video tutorial below for you to take a look at and for more hair tutorials click right here.