How To Get Negin Mirsalehi’s Hair With Hair Extensions


Whenever someone asks what we wish our hair looked like, Negin Mirsalehi always comes to mind. Her long, thick, impossibly glossy mane is beyond perfect and we’d pretty much do anything to achieve that level of hair goals. As impressive as it is that hers is totally natural, not all of us were blessed with super thick hair and need the help of hair extensions to make it happen. Today we’re going to break down her look and give you all the products you need to get her insta worthy vibe, you’re welcome…


The Shade

Our highlighted shade Honey Hustle would be the closest match to Negin’s honey-toned hair. It’s a rich chocolate brown with sandy highlights running through it for a sunkissed, glossy vibe. You can also use this shade to create a faux balayage effect, just like Negin’s, if your hair is an all-over colour. We’ve filmed a tutorial on this technique and it’s such an easy way to switch up your look without the damage.


The Set

To mimic Negin’s voluminous hair we’d recommend going for our Luxurious Set which is the thickest in our collection. It’s quad wefted, meaning there are four layers of hair on each weft for maximum thickness. There are also fewer wefts in this set so it’s quicker and easier to clip in!

The Length

Negin’s hair sits just below her bust so the closest length for this would be 20-22”. It’s also our most popular length and is perfect for creating her signature waves.


The Waves

Negin’s signature look is loose, full volume waves in a centre part. To create them it’s best to use a medium-size barrel like the Cloud Nine Curling Wand and to curl all your hair going away from your face. This is a technique we use all the time as it’s a classic hairstyle that really helps to blend your extensions into your natural hair. We created a look that’s really similar in our cheap vs. expensive curling wand video that we’ve popped above.



The Products

Luckily enough for us, Negin has her own haircare line which is full of gorgeous products to help you achieve her hairstyle. To hydrate, we’d go for her Honey Infused Hair Oil which promises to moisturise and strengthen your hair. Next, we’d prep with the Propolis Infused Heat Protecting Spray which will prevent heat damage while detangling and adding shine to your hair. Once you’re done you can then use the Propolis Infused Texturizing Wave Spray to add loads of volume and body to your curls.