How To Get The Mermaid Look This Halloween

halloween mermaid milk + blush

Halloween is just around the corner and to get you all in the mood I’m showing you how to create this amazing mermaid hairstyle and makeup look using your Milk + Blush hair extensions.

Who doesn’t want to feel like a real life mermaid? Halloween is the one time of year when you can go completely wild with your hair and makeup so why not transform yourself into a sea siren? The mermaid costume is always a winner and the good news is, it’s easier to achieve than it looks!

For this Halloween look I’ve utilised an old set of Milk + Blush Hair Extensions to create a mermaid inspired ombre look. We wouldn’t want you ruining your beautiful new hair so be sure to use an old set like I have or ensure that you’re completely confident with dying the hair. I’ve used an old Triple Weft Set in the shade ‘Slayer’ in the length 16-18”.

This ombre look takes some time to create but it’s super simple and looks incredible! I’ve gone for green, blue and purple tones for my mermaid ombre but experiment with different colour palettes for a look that’s unique to you (a peach and pink toned ombre would be killer!). I used three ‘Crazy Color’ dyes in the shades Bubblegum Blue, Violette and Sky Blue which can be found here. I divided the hair into sections and brushed on a different colour to the bottom of each section, left it to develop for 30 minutes and then rinsed it out with cold water.

Although I used an old set of extensions I still wanted to keep them in the best shape possible after colouring them so I gently spritzed them with Silicone Spritz to keep them super soft and shiny. If you own hair extensions this is a real wonder product. It brings dry and damaged extensions back to life and makes dyed wefts look super glossy.

To blend the ombre wefts seamlessly into my own hair I used a teal coloured hair chalk on the ends for a graduated effect. Hair chalk is great to use for occasions like Halloween as it washes out of the hair instantly, allowing you to experiment with colour without the commitment.

The mermaid make up is also sooo much easier than it looks thanks to a clever hack that allows you to achieve a super cool scale effect using some fishnet tights! Everyone will think that you've spent hours perfecting your look when in reality it’s a really straight forward technique. Simply stretch the fishnet over your face and stipple on your chosen colours, when you remove it you’ll unveil amazing mermaid-like scales!

For the makeup and the scales I used various eye shadows that were the same colour palette as my mermaid ombre hair to really make the tones stand out, and of course it’s Halloween so copious amounts of glitter is a must!

mermaid gif milk + blush

I am absolutely in love with this look and I had so much fun creating it! If you’re the kind of girl that likes to go all out on Halloween this look is for you! Trust me, when you rock up to the Halloween party with this look everyone will be in awe!

If you re-create this mermaid look be sure to share a pic on Instagram and tag us (@milkandblush).

Have a great Halloween!

Mim xoxo