How to Make Hair Extensions Shiny

How to Make Hair Extensions ShinyLadies, want to know how to make hair extensions shiny? Then read on to find out our shine-enhancing staples and how to keep your lustrous locks looking, well, lustrous, for as long as possible!

How to make a hair extensions shiny is a question we Dirty Looks girls are constantly asked. And, although you might think that it takes a lot of effort to maintain the lustre of your clip in hair extensions, the truth is, it’s really not that hard to achieve.

The secret to how to make hair extensions shiny is all down to how you look after your extensions. There’s no denying that hair extensions are high-maintenance but taking care of your extra locks and treating them with a little bit of TLC will make sure that your locks maintain their brilliant, sparkly condition and keep them looking extremely healthy and shiny.

How to make hair extensions shiny lies in the hands of the products we choose to use on our extensions. Unlike our own tresses, our hair extensions are bound to get greasy and lose their radiance a lot quicker, as they can’t produce their own natural oils which helps them to stay healthy. Instead, we have to rely on a few hair care products which are designed to moisturise and hydrate hair, and to encourage them to stay looking their brilliant best and keep them looking shiny. Products to avoid are serums and creams as these will only make your hair extensions look oily and sticky. We much prefer to use lightweight products and sprays which are going to make hair extensions shiny as opposed to dull and greasy. And, if you must wash your hair extensions, make sure to use shampoos and conditioners which are hair extension-friendly, sulphate-free and are packed with plenty of nourishing nutrients and moisture our hair extensions need to maintain their healthy glow.

How to make hair extensions shinyAlternatively, our new silicone coating for hair extension products are equally as good to use on our lustworthy clip-ins and to help make hair extensions shiny. Specifically designed to make hair extensions soft and to maintain their condition, these new RemySoft products are full of moisture our hair extensions need. Plus, they’re formula mimics the natural oils that our own growing hair produces, too. Our particular favourite from the range is the Silicone Coating Spritz for hair extensions. The silicone spray instantly refreshes hair extensions and is great to use as a daily maintenance spray and to make hair extensions shiny.

Along with choosing your hair care products carefully, another tip of ours it to make sure that you don’t sleep in your extensions, as this will cause them to matt and tangle, and to always use a heat protector spray on your tresses before styling.This will prevent your hair extensions from drying out and from losing their luxurious lustre. It’s also important to remember that, however much we’d like our hair extensions to stay in brand new condition and glisten for eternity, it’s inevitable that we will eventually have to say goodbye to our clip-ins. When that day arrives, you can always count on the Dirty Looks girls to be there for you with a new set of hair extensions :)

What other tips would you like to know about maintaining your hair extensions?