How To Match Your Hairstyle To Your Winter Coat

winter-coat-hairstyles-main The cold weather is officially here and as Christmas is getting closer and closer, it’s time to start pulling out our cosiest clothes. Styling your hair in the summer is so much easier as pretty much anything looks good with a mini dress but in the winter it’s a little more tricky. Oversized coats, scarves and jumpers mean you have to be more careful about your hairstyle choices to avoid looking frumpy. You’d be surprised at how much of an impact picking the right or wrong hairstyle can make. That’s why it’s so important to get clued up on what looks good. Certain hairstyles will look better with different style coats and what you go for can completely change the vibe of your outfit. If this all sounds a bit confusing then keep scrolling to find your most worn coat style and our go-to hairstyle to wear with it. winter-coat-hairstyles

Trench Coat

This is a classic style coat that most of us will have in our wardrobes thanks to the fact that it’s completely timeless and works with any outfit. The best hairstyle to pair with your trench would be a chic low pony that will show off the collar detail and stay in keeping with the polished vibe. You could also go for a low bun or a sleek top knot instead which would work just as well.   winter-coat-hairstyles

Faux Fur Coat

Winter is the best time to play with texture and faux fur coats are getting more and more popular. We can’t think of anything more cosy, or comfy than pairing it with a textured messy bun. Also, as the collars on these coats are normally quite big going for an up-do will help to elongate your neck.   winter-coat-hairstyles

PVC Trench

This is a trend piece but these extra shiny coats are everywhere at the moment! We’d pair them with textured hair rather than a sleek look to balance things out and would keep the hair down to avoid it looking too severe.  


Puffa Coat

It’s basically like wearing a duvet so it’s not hard to work out why puffa coats are so popular. We’d pair them with a super high, voluminous ponytail to match the laid back vibe and to keep our hair out of the way of the collar.   winter-coat-hairstyles

Long Wool Coat

This is such a classic coat so we’d pair it with a hairstyle that’s just as sophisticated and timeless. Soft, loose waves are the perfect match and it’s a great look if you prefer a more polished vibe.   winter-coat-hairstyles

Aviator Coat

These coats have a way more relaxed feel so you’ll want to keep your hair more textured. We think this voluminous blowout is perfect as it’s not too perfected and will help to add loads of volume to your hair.  



These are so cosy and always look fashionable but run the risk of looking frumpy if you pick the wrong hairstyle. We think sleek, glossy hair would be the best match for this coat and it’ll help to keep your look more polished and together.