How to Maximise your Dry Shampoo for Fantastic Hair

*DISCLAIMER* no shower needed.

The beauty Gods certainly gave us a small miracle in delivering Dry Shampoo. For most, dry shampoo is the saviour for mornings where you just cannot be bothered to get out of bed to wash your hair, but for others, dry shampoo is perfect for adding volume to your roots.

Don’t spray too close

Most dry shampoo instructions say to spray from 10-15cm away; this is so the spray does not become too concentrated in one area so that it becomes wet. We’d recommend you leave for a minute or two to allow the dry shampoo to soak up excess oil, before styling.

Use it at night

For the best results, spray your dry shampoo at the roots. This will absorb excess oil as you get your beauty sleep. In the morning, brush your hair - or, if you’ve got curly hair or opt for the ‘bedhead’ look, flip your head over and massage your roots for a few minutes to distribute the powder.

If you still feel like your hair is a bit greasy, it is fine to spray some more in the morning if needed before starting your usual styling routine.

Quick blast with your hairdryer

Possibly the best hack we have learnt is blasting your hair with a hairdryer. This will not only help distribute the product on your scalp it also helps with volume.

Don’t use in excess

A miracle that dry shampoo may be, you shouldn’t replace it with your usual hair wash routine. Dry shampoo is not a cleanser - it is simply a powder that soaks up excess oil. Overuse can dry out the scalp and cause reactions like dermatitis and dandruff. For some scalp-care tips, click here.

Dry shampoo is ideal for those in-between-wash days or after a sweaty gym class.

Use to add volume

Dry shampoo is a versatile product - it’s not made just for greasy hair days! If you have thin, fine or limp hair, it can double up as a great volumiser. Try spraying it at the roots and then backcombing for a serious lift.

You can also opt for a DIY version - we've got you covered here.