How To Prep Your Hair For The Party Season


Hey M+B babes! So it may only be the 2nd of December but we’re guessing that you’ve already got lots of parties planned that you need your hair to look flawless for. With a lot of heat styling coming up we feel like now is the perfect time to get your hair in the best condition possible so that it can survive the party season. This is why we’ve put together some super easy ways to prep your hair that will ensure it looks super glossy just in time for Christmas. Here’s what you need to do...

Exfoliate Your Scalp

Before you go ham on the hair products it’s a good shout to have a little detox first. Product residue can build up on your scalp really quickly and make your roots look dull and greasy. To avoid lacklustre locks we’d recommend a scalp scrub treatment to deep clean your follicles. Our fave is the Umberto Giannini Grow Scrub which helps to remove dead skin and product buildup without being too harsh.


Get A Gloss Treatment

Gloss treatments help to temporarily add loads of shine to your locks which is exactly what you want for your Christmas party look! You can get them done at a salon or at home depending on your budget and the results normally last around 2 weeks. You can also get a tinted gloss that will help to revive your colour in between treatments if you need a little top up. For an at home alternative we love the Bumble And Bumble Color Gloss which comes in blonde, brunette and red and will help to soften your hair and add loads of shine for up to 3 washes.

Use An Overnight Mask

You want to make sure that your hair is as nourished as possible to prep it for lots of heat styling. This is why we recommend using an overnight treatment regularly to keep your strands topped up with lots of moisture. Sleeping in a hair mask might not be the most comfortable thing but trust us, it’ll be so worth it! For maximum nourishment we’d recommend the Orlando Pita Satin Overnight Mask which is a really deep treatment that includes their exclusive Multi-Phasic Shielding Complex. We’d also suggest using this 1-2 times during the party season if you’re heat styling regularly.


Get A Trim

There’s nothing worse than straggly ends killing your vibe so now is the best time to get a trim and remove any splits. Damaged hair doesn’t hold a style as well either so if your ends are feeling crispy then they’re not worth holding onto. If you’ve picked up some new hair extensions you could also take them to your stylist and have them trimmed to match your cut for a totally seamless blend.

Invest In A Leave-In Conditioner

Even after all this prep it’s important that you keep on top of nourishing your strands if you want them to survive the party season. A leave-in conditioner is a good way to add lots of moisture and keep your hair looking its best with very minimal effort. Our fave is the Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Leave-In Conditioner which is super affordable and comes in a spray bottle so it’s really easy to apply.

Plan Your Party Looks

We’re guessing that you’ve already picked up some outfits so why not plan your hair ahead of time too? If you know how you want it to look then you can plan when to wash it, or pick up the products you need and maybe fit in a practice before the party too. If you’re struggling for ideas we’ve got loads of video tutorials on our YouTube channel of our favourite party looks. A few of our faves include…

Day To Night Christmas Party Hairstyles - Perfect if you’re going straight from the office!

Vintage Waves - If you want to keep it super classic these would be perfect with a killer dress.

Victoria’s Secret Hair - If you’re going for the super sassy, supermodel vibe.

Kim K’s Barely There Waves - If bodycon and a smokey eye is your go-to.

We hope this quick guide has you feeling super excited for the party season! And if you wear Milk + Blush hair extensions then make sure to tag our instagram @milkandblush we’d love to see your looks :)