How To: Prevent Hair Extensions From Tangling


Hair Extensions becoming tangled is not an uncommon problem, just like our own hair - hair extensions need to be brushed frequently throughout the day. But, some of us tend to forget to brush our hair extensions as much as we should so we’re here to help banish those pesky knots with our top tips on how to prevent your hair from tangling...

How To: Prevent Your Hair From Tangling #1

Okay, so our first tip is to brush your hair - yup, a super obvious one but some people think that brushing your hair extensions in the morning is enough for the whole day (literally) then wonder why their hair is super knotty at the end of the day. Is this you!? If so, make sure you’re brushing your hair at least 3 times a day (especially before a shower and before sleeping) this will help keep your extennies tangle free without much work. We’d also definitely recommend using a loop brush (this is a super gentle brush which won’t work to break your hair - hoorah!) and brushing from the ends of your hair working your way upwards.

How To: Prevent Your Hair From Tangling #2

Our next tip is to take care of your hair when going to sleep, if you are wearing hair extensions you will know to definitely not, we repeat not sleep in them. But your natural hair  can still get knotty whilst you’re sleepy y’know so be sure to brush your hair before hopping into bed and quickly securing your hair into a loose braid or low bun. This will work to keep your hair out of the way whilst preventing those pesky tangles, leaving you with a subtle wave in your hair when you wake up, too. Like, do we need to go on?! : )


How To: Prevent Your Hair From Tangling #3

Another tip is to pick your products wisely for your natural hair. There are sooo many hair care products to choose from, we totally understand that it can get overwhelming so we’ll try keep this one super simple. All you need to try and start doing is to avoid hair products which have alcohol in them. This works to dry out your hair which in turn, makes it more prone to tangling! The best hair care products to go for are natural, sulphate and alcohol free and of course, those which specifically work to detangle hair.

How To: Prevent Your Hair From Tangling #4

Last but not least, if you find that your hair extensions are tangling up and have lost their soft and silky feel like they were when you first laid eyes on them, then it may be due to using an incompatible product on them (naughty, naughty!). But, don’t worry - instead use some magical silicone serum on your hair extensions and let those silky tresses back into your life. Remember not to wash your hair extensions and always use a heat protectant when styling with heated styling tools. Check out this blog on how to use silicone on your hair extensions and thank us later, we literally can’t live without this stuff! : )

Do you have any tips/methods to stop your hair from tangling? : )