How To Rainproof Your Hair This Autumn


When it comes to autumn hair care the most annoying thing is trying to find styles that will survive the rain. A sudden downpour can cause instant frizz and make your hair ping back to its natural state even when you’re hiding under an umbrella. As we’re in for a few months of bad weather we thought it would be a good shout to share some tips on rainproofing your hair so that you’re totally prepared. Here’s what you need to do...


Step 1: Start In The Shower

Your scalp is way drier and produces a lot less oil in the winter so you need to make sure that your shampoo and conditioner routine isn’t too harsh. Striping your hair of oil will make it more prone to frizz in the wet weather so it’s worth avoiding ingredients like sulphates and alcohol. Instead go for a gentle shampoo and a deeply moisturising conditioner that will help to inject some of that lost moisture back into your strands. We love the Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner because it’s enriched with macadamia nut oil which is high in fatty acids that help to calm dry, frizzy hair.


Step 2: Always Prep Your Hair

Before you dry your hair you want to prep it with a heat protectant styling balm. This will coat your strands and smooth down the cuticle to seal in moisture and protect it from humidity. Using a heat protector will also help to reduce the damage caused by heat styling and prevent your hair from drying out and getting damaged. We love the Paul Mitchell Neuro Prime Heat CTRL Blowout Primer for a lightweight finish that will leave your hair looking super smooth and shiny.


Step 3: Blow Dry It Right

Your blow dry can really make or break how well your hairstyle survives in the rain. When blow drying you want to make sure you’re using the nozzle attachment to direct the air down the lengths of your hair to smooth the cuticle. You also want to use a round or paddle brush so that you can carve out your hairstyle as you’re blow drying to give it a little more staying power. Make sure not to start until your hair is already 60-80% dry though as blow drying for too long can create frizz rather than fight it.


Step 4: Hairspray It, Hairspray It, Then Hairspray It Again...

You need to give your hair as much of a fighting chance as possible if you want it to survive the weather so using a lot of hairspray is a good shout. We’d recommend the Philip Kingsley Styling Weatherproof Hairspray as it’s anti static, anti humidity and gives amazing hold. Just make sure to spray it from around 30 cm away to get a really even coverage without any crunchy spots.


Step 5: Own Your Texture

Whether your hair is more on the straight or the curly side you need to choose a look that will work with it rather than against it. This is because as soon as it gets wet your hair will revert back to its natural texture so a totally different hairstyle will be hard to maintain. For example if you have wavy hair try a classic blow dry or some loose waves that will tame your locks but work with your texture.


Step 6: Last Minute Condition

Once you’re done styling add a spritz of leave in conditioner over your hair for a quick moisture boost before you leave the house. We’d recommend the Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Leave In Conditioner as its rich ingredients are amazing at coating the hair and preventing frizz.


Step 7: Pack Supplies

In case of emergency it’s a good shout to have a backup plan for your hair. You definitely want to keep a comb and some bobby pins in your bag at the very least so that you can fix your hair if you need to. Accessories are also a really good shout and an on trend way to hold back frizzy hair if you do get caught in the rain.


Step 8: Treat And Repeat

To keep your hair rainproof for longer we’d also recommend using a hair mask once a week to keep it in the best condition possible. Dryness is the first thing that leads to frizz so keeping on top of moisturising treatments will make a big difference. Go for something like the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer as it’s a deep conditioning mask and has been proven to increase the strength of your hair if you use it regularly.

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