How to Remove Nano & Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Semi-permanent hair extensions are the perfect way to add a glamorous boost in length and thickness, lasting longer than temporary extensions.

Nano and micro link extensions give you months of longer, fuller hair before they need to be replaced or removed. But the application and removal processes are delicate and intricate and need to be performed by a professional to avoid discomfort or damaging the natural hair.

In this guide, our hair extension experts explain how professionals remove nano and micro ring extensions – including the unique techniques and tools that make the process pain-free.

What are nano tip hair extensions?

Nano tip extensions are a type of semi-permanent hair extension that involves attaching small bundles of pre-bonded hair without using heat or glue. They’re one of the longest-lasting extensions, too, offering up to nine months of wear before they need to be taken out professionally.

They are attached to your natural hair using tiny metal rings called nano rings. These are attached to a small section of hair before a single strand of extensions is threaded through.

A professional hairstylist then uses special pliers to clamp the ring, attaching the extensions to the hair, so they don’t become loose or fall out.

Attaching and removing nano tip extensions is a skilled process performed by professionals with specialist tools – so, you shouldn’t try to remove them yourself at home.

What are micro ring hair extensions?

Micro ring extensions are similar to nano tips but slightly larger (making nano tips the preferred choice for thinner or finer hair). They last around five months with the right care before being replaced or removed professionally.

They are attached in the same way as nano tips, with a small metal ring called a micro ring attached to natural hair before the extensions are threaded through and clamped in place by a professional hair extension technician.

What tools are used to remove nano and micro ring hair extensions?

As nano and micro ring extensions are applied in a similar way, the same goes for how they are removed?

Unlike temporary extensions, like clip-ins, that are designed for effortless wear and removal at home, nano and micro ring extensions are more permanent and require professional help to attach and comfortably take out.

So, how do professionals remove extensions without pain or damage?

Section the hair – the stylist sections the hair using a comb, according to the different areas where the rings are applied, to reveal each one. Hair sectioning pads are then used to keep the hair apart while the rings are removed.

Open the rings – hair technicians then locate and isolate the ring, using specialist micro bead pliers to clamp it in the opposite direction to which it was closed, re-opening and loosening the ring.

Gently thread out the extensions – they will then slide the ring slowly away from the scalp, removing it smoothly without pain or tugging.

Clean the natural hair – a professional hair stylist will use a fine comb to gently brush through the natural hair once the rings have been removed. They may even brush a special solution through the hair to remove any residue or built-up dirt.

If you’re looking to get your nano tip or micro ring extensions replaced or removed, book an appointment with your hairstylist. They have the skills and tools to remove your extensions without damaging your natural hair.

Can you remove nano tip hair extensions at home?

Unlike temporary hair extensions, nano tips can’t be applied or removed at home. You need to visit a professional hair stylist to have the extensions applied or safely taken out.

This is because they require an intricate sewing and clamping technique to attach the nano ring and extensions to your natural hair for a discreet and undetectable finish.

Removing the clamped ring requires specialist tools and professional hair extension training to avoid tugging on or damaging the hair.

Can you remove micro ring hair extensions at home?

Like nano tips, micro ring extensions also require professional assistance and cannot be taken out at home.

Micro rings are clamped shut in the same way as nano tips, using professional salon tools that are also used to open them when your hairstylist comes to replace or remove your extensions. It is an intricate
and skilled process that should only performed by trained professionals.

If you try to take micro ring extensions out at home, you risk pulling out your natural hair, which can be painful and leave your hair looking uneven or patchy.

Why do nano and micro ring extensions need to be taken out professionally?

Applying and removing nano tip and micro ring extensions is a specialist skill that requires unique tools and training. It’s not the same as simply popping out clip-in wefts.

Attempting to take them out at home – and without the professional salon tools used by hair extension technicians – can not only damage your existing hair but is also likely to be uncomfortable and even

This is because the tiny nano or micro rings need to be opened from their clamped position before the extensions are delicately threaded out and the ring is gently pulled away from the scalp. It isn’t a process that can be done in the mirror or with hair accessories you’ll find around the home.

Professionals are trained to remove hair extensions without damaging existing hair or causing discomfort and have the tools to do so quickly and smoothly.

How to maintain your extensions between salon visits

While nano ring and micro link extensions need to be applied and taken out professionally, it’s important you look after them at home between visits – to keep them looking and feeling lovely and to keep your natural hair healthy, too.

Hair extensions don’t need washing as often as your natural hair and should be treated with specialist products.

Wash your extensions one to two times a week using a hydrating, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to avoid damaging them. Leaving it any longer than this and the natural sebum produced by your scalp can weaken the bonds attaching your extensions.

Alongside washing, brush your extensions regularly with a hair extension loop brush to keep them tangle-free.

Avoid exposing your extensions to extreme heat and treat them with our Silicone Spritz leave-in conditioner daily to avoid UV damage and keep them soft and hydrated.

You should also book regular appointments with your hair professional for peace of mind between application and removal. They’ll be able to treat or adjust your extensions, or simply help you look after them between visits.
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