How To Stop Your Hair Extensions From Matting

How-To-Stop-Your-Hair-Extensions-From-Matting It’s super annoying when your extensions get knotty especially at the nape of your neck, urghhh! But just as your natural hair gets tangled during the day it’s totally normal for your hair extensions to do the same thing. That doesn’t make it any less annoying but there are some simple steps you can follow to stop your hair extensions from matting. Let’s go...


1. Make Sure You Apply Them Properly

This sounds super obvious but applying your hair extensions properly can help to keep them tangle free and they’ll be way more secure in your hair. The most important tip is to get your sections as neat as possible by using a comb to separate the hair. Neat sections will allow your extensions to sit flush to your head making them less prone to matting and way more secure.


2. Use The Right Products

Not all of the products that you use on your natural hair will be suitable for your extensions. Ingredients like alcohol, sulphates or salt can seriously dry out your clip ins and make them way more prone to tangles so you definitely want to avoid those. You also want to skip dry shampoos and salt sprays as they build up in the hair and can really dry it out. Instead go for products that are as light and natural as possible and that include silicone or natural oils. main-how-to-take-care-of-hair-extensions-milk-and-blush

3. Loop Brush Regularly

Wearing hair extensions requires a little more upkeep during the day to keep them looking their best. The matting at the nape of your neck can happen as you’re moving around so it’s important to regularly brush your hair throughout the day. The best thing to use is a loop brush as the looped bristles are super gentle on the hair and won’t cause any damage to your extensions. seamless-hair-extensions-review-seamless-wefts

4. Clip Them A Little Bit Higher

If your natural hair is more prone to knots then it might be worth positioning your first weft a little higher rather than right at the nape of your neck. You could also braid this section up first to keep the weft separate from your natural hair and it will help to give you a better blend too.


5. Nourish Your Hair

As your hair extensions don’t get the natural supply of oils that nourish your hair it’s super important to keep them as moisturised as possible if you want to avoid matting. Sometimes if you’ve had your extensions for a while and have been using a lot of heat they often need a little extra moisture. The best thing to use to rejuvenate your set would be the Remy Silicone Coating Spritz as it softens and nourishes your extensions while making them less prone to tangles. You don’t want to over saturate them though so check out our quick tutorial here on how to apply the spritz.


6. Don’t Get Them Wet

This first rule of M+B hair extension club is to never get your hair extensions wet. This will not only dry them out but could make them super knotty too so it’s best to avoid it.


7. Utilise Your M+B Box

The super gorg box your hair extensions come in is the perfect place to store your set when you’re not wearing them. Each time you take them out make sure to brush through your set from the roots up to ensure they’re totally tangle free before storing them in the box. This will help to keep the hair in the best condition possible so that it stays tangle free and silky smooth for longer.


8. Avoid Backcombing Them

We get that backcombing is a great way to create lots of volume but it’s something you should definitely avoid doing to your hair extensions. Backcombing can damage the cuticle and lead to breakage and split ends which can be the cause of tangles. Our hair extensions are super thick so they should add all the volume you need anyways.   Need more hair extension hacks? Click right here.