How to Straighten Clip-In Hair Extensions

How to Straighten Clip-In Hair ExtensionsOur guide on how to keep curls in your hair extensions was so popular that today, we’re tackling another frequently asked question: how to straighten clip-in hair extensions.

First things first, before you style your hair extensions, you need to take them out of your hair. It’s much easier to style your clip-in hair extensions when they’re out of your hair as you won’t need to worry about tugging on the clips.

Hair Extensions out? Good, then let’s begin!

Step One

Just like with your own hair, it’s important to spray your hair extensions with a good quality heat protector before putting heat on them. Using a loop brush, gently brush through your extensions to distribute the product through evenly and make sure all the hair is protected. You might need to go back in with some more heat defence spray later but be sure not to use too much product as it may make the extensions a little damp which can cause a sizzle if you use heat on top!

Step Two

To get sleek and straight hair extensions, you will need to separate your bigger hair extension wefts into sections as this will allow you to make sure that each piece is fully straightened. You won’t need to do this for any of the smaller wefts!

Step Three

Another important tip for straightening your hair extensions is to keep the heat settings of your straighteners as low as possible and avoid touching the clips with them! We don’t need to tell you that melting your clips would be a very bad idea! Run your irons through the extensions slowly and firmly to get the most impact from the lower temperature, you might need to go over it a few times but it’s much better for your clip-ins than going in straight away with a high heat.