How To Take Pictures For A Shade Match

How-To-Take-Pictures-For-A-Shade-Match-milk-and-blush-image-1One of the most important things when buying a new set of hair extensions is that you get the perfect shade match. This is the key to getting a seamless blend between your natural hair and your new extensions so that no one will know you’re wearing them! So that you can find the best match we offer a shade matching service here at Milk + Blush for anyone who’s unsure of what to pick. In order for our team to find your best match we always ask you guys to send us some snaps of your hair. We get that this can be a little tricky but there are some golden rules to follow to get it right. Here’s what you need to do…


DO Take Your Pictures Outside In order for us to get the best shade match we need to see your hair in natural, even lighting that won’t distort your hair colour. This is why we recommend standing outside, in natural light but avoiding the shade or direct, bright sunlight. It’s a good shout to find a simple background too, that won’t distract from your hair colour. How-To-Take-Pictures-For-A-Shade-Match-milk-and-blush-image-1 DO Wear Your Hair Down We match the hair extensions to the ends of your hair and not the roots so we really need to see it down. It’s impossible for us to match to hair that’s up so avoid ponytails or braids, make sure your hair isn’t tucked into anything and remove any hair accessories before you take your snaps. How-To-Take-Pictures-For-A-Shade-Match-milk-and-blush-image-1 DO Take Your Pictures From Different Angles The most important picture we need is of all of your hair down at the back but it would be great to get some more angles too. Take a photo from the front, side and back so that we can get the best possible idea of your hair colour.


DON’T Use Filters or Artificial Lighting As tempting as it is to use a filter on your pictures this will distort your hair shade and will make it super tricky for us to get the best match. You also want to avoid using a ring light or any other artificial light so that we can get a true representation of your hair colour. How-To-Take-Pictures-For-A-Shade-Match-milk-and-blush-image-1 DON’T Take Pictures Inside We know that you guys think it’s super strange when we ask for pictures outside but taking them inside could distort the colour of your hair. It tends to make your photographs a lot warmer which will make it tricky for us to see your real shade. How-To-Take-Pictures-For-A-Shade-Match-milk-and-blush-image-1 DON’T Take A Picture Of Your Roots We get lots of close-up snaps of the top of peoples head but as we need to match to the ends of your hair they won’t give you the best match. Lots of our customers worry about their root shade too but the top of your hair extensions won’t be visible when they’re clipped in, so you don’t need to worry about this.

Where do I send my shade match pictures?

To get your shade match you can email your pictures to our team [email protected] or drop us a DM on our social media pages including Instagram and Facebook. You can also have a scroll through our feed to see other people wearing the shades, along with our dedicated hashtags. Just search #mb and then the shade you want to see, so for example #mbpapparazzi to see more customer pics.